Developing Survivor’s Mentality


Survival is not all about starting a fire or setting up a shelter. But there’s more than that, and that is to develop survivor’s mentality. You may be familiar with the TV series “Survival” or, if you like to watch movies online, the film “Into the Wild”. It can be observed that the survivors have the same mental characteristics that allow them to endure hardships and overcome challenges. This is also true in real-life situations. Developing survivor’s mentality is essential.

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Positive mental attitude: Though cultivating a positive mental attitude is always discussed in any survival class, seminar, or book, don’t consider it as a cliché. Do not take this lightly because this is really necessary. Having positive mental attitude is the most essential and crucial skills to grasp to survive in a catastrophe or disaster. It is also the most challenging skills to learn, but it is worth it. If you have a positive mental attitude, then it will be easy for you to escape from disaster or be back on track. Pessimism will not allow you to get through.

Mental Toughness: Mental toughness equates willpower. To be mentally strong means to bear the unbearable and conquering your desire to surrender. Remember, we’re not talking about physical strength here, but we’re dealing with the strength of your mind. So do your best to remain mentally stable in any disaster or trouble.

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Motivation: Every person is unique when it comes to motivation. What motivates others may not motivate you for free streaming movies. So, it is very important to have clear priorities and values in life. These will motivate you to stay alive or continue what you’ve started. Remember, hopelessness will drag you down.

Work Ethic: A strong work ethic is important for survival. This means that you will not abandon your job until it is finished. Work ethic is developed over time. Challenging experiences can strengthen a person’s work ethic. Laziness has no room in your life if you want to survive.

Adaptability: According to Heraclitus (a Greek philosopher), “Everything changes and nothing stands still.” It is normal for us humans to experience changes in this world. How much more in a disaster or catastrophe? The environments, situations, and events will change in times of crisis. Thus, we must adapt to these changes in order to survive. You must acknowledge that there are things that you need to drop off or leave behind and there are things that are worth continuing for.

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