Diwali festival

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The festival of Diwali has been an integral a part of celebration life for Hindu religion in India. The history of Diwali celebration is said to the evolution and origins of the Hindu culture. Though, these days it's become a symbol of having fun and enjoying life however it's its route engraved within the religious values of the Hindus.

Whenever, we tend to say Diwali, everything that involves our mind is Diyas, lightening, food, sweets and delight with fireworks. However, there's way more than this regarding Diwali. There's a deeper significance of the celebration of Diwali festival.

Diwali marks the return of lord Rama to his home kingdom Ayodhya, when being in exile for over fourteen years. Its lots quite an easy celebration of joy and delight. It's an epic tale portraying the trials and tribulations overcome by Ram and the way he triumphed within the finish.

The tale of Lord Ram relies on the story of Ramayana written by sage Valmiki within the time around five hundred BCE. The story closely follows the heroic saga of Lord Ram, and his consistent struggle to achieve peace for all.

The Celebration of Diwali

Till this date, the chronicles of Lord Ram, description however he rescued his beloved wife Sita, from the clutches of the demon king Ravana, vanquishing him, is well-known in the form of Diwali.

The air of jubilation and delight spreads all around, as lights dance all across the atmosphere, symbolizing the triumph of excellent over evil. Treats are changed and wishes are shared, as the spirits of everyone light up in delightfulness.

Diyas are lit in all homes, various sparklers, flowerpots and ground-spinners- spray shining sparks all around, and firecrackers blast away through the night-sky, reciprocating the joy of this wonderful eve. Here are some special ways that through which individuals partake within the celebration of Diwali–

• Meeting up family, friends, and neighbors

Diwali is synonymous with joy. All dress up in their finest apparel and celebrate this splendid occasion with joy and delight along.

• Exchanging sweets

Special sweets are given to all in a Diwali party, from a silver-plated puja thali filled with rasgulas, to a box filled with savory boondi ladoos, sweets are always a special Diwali delight on this fine day.

• Lighting Diyas

the dancing candle-lit flame of the Diya propagates its soothing warmth and glowing, symbolizing the banishment of evil for the house. With a series of Diyas placed outside within the balcony or window-sill of the house, they're always special on this nice day.

• Bursting Fireworks

the true highlight of Diwali are the sights and sounds of fireworks. From sparklers, to firecrackers, fireworks, the types of fireworks are various. However, the issue that's common with all is that the undeniable fact that all of them spread their light and color-filled delight to all on this grand eve.

• Gifts

what finer way to regale within the joy of Diwali than by some special Diwali Gifts to dear ones? From a card expressing joy-filled Diwali wishes, to a glittering gold pendant bearing the photos of you and therefore the receiver, gifts are always a joy to gift, as they're to receive.

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