Dochula Pass Bhutan #HiddenSpotsTripoto


Bhutan is a beautiful country with a great many places that will leave you mesmerized. For me it was the Dochula pass, where we halted for breakfast while travelling from Thimpu to Punakha. The place in itself doesn't have much to offer except for the 108 memorial Chortens. What worked wonders for me was the weather that day.

It was the the month of March but the number on the Celsius scale remained pretty low. Shivering, we entered into the nearby eatery and had hot coffee. Feeling a bit better I decided to explore and as I stepped out I felt as if I was in this magical land. Clouds were floating from left to right, past the trees with small white flowers, covering everything in the mist and fog. It came with a sound, the sound of winds, which shut down all the other noises around and for that moment everything was strangely peaceful. The mist gradually engulfed the chortens and I felt this child-like happiness, as if I was in some Disney fairy-tale.

It has been over 2 years but I still remember the scene as vividly as if it was just yesterday. Sometimes it is not a place that grabs your attention but the experience you had there. I guess these small memories from our travel diaries are what keeps us longing for more.

Photo of Dochula Pass Bhutan #HiddenSpotsTripoto 1/3 by Namrata
Photo of Dochula Pass Bhutan #HiddenSpotsTripoto 2/3 by Namrata
Photo of Dochula Pass Bhutan #HiddenSpotsTripoto 3/3 by Namrata
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