Don’t go there


Don’t go there she said, it’s a barren land
An incomplete structure standing on shining sand.

Photo of Don’t go there 1/3 by Fiddle Dee Dee

She keeps updating the travel lists, unaware that such a place exists..

where the sun shines bright, illuminating a castle with all its might

Photo of Don’t go there 2/3 by Fiddle Dee Dee

to welcome her soul with the solitude it needs;

the only distraction being the birds flying free,

or the waves hitting the shore with sea shells galore.

Photo of Don’t go there 3/3 by Fiddle Dee Dee

Reminiscing the unexpressed, for long supressed.. feelings true or fallacious.. decisions reassessed.

That breeze could soothe a part for long sore.. It was just an incomplete castle.. thought she nevermore.

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