Don’t be Rich, Be POOR | Road Trip | Travel Vlog | Desi Tourist

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Hi This is Amit. I am from Delhi, India. I have recently started my Youtube Channel by the name "Desi Tourist". This video is "PART 3" of series based on my Road Trip to Rajasthan & Gujarat. I did this trip with my friend from Max Frederick from USA. This video is 3rd part of many yet to come, where we were invited by Mr Ritesh Sharma (Founder of Mitra NGO) to visit the Rural areas of Sirohi District in Rajasthan. Mr Sharma and His NGO are working hard to promote Rural Tourism in Sirohi. We spent a day with villagers and it was just an awesome experience. We talked to them, played with them, milked the goat, danced with them. We had an unforgettable day. Please watch the video till the end. Hope you like this video. Please like and share this channel with all your friends and Family. My Social Profiles - Instagram - Facebook -
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