Don’t Dare to Go to This Haunted River in Delhi – Khooni Nadi


Ever thought that places like Delhi, which is counted amongst the busiest cities in India, is home to haunted spots? Well, it is true. Even the busiest cities that remain vibrant and frenzied throughout the day are commanded by several paranormal activities in the night. Have you ever witnessed paranormal activity in a person?

If not, you must know about this place that is believed to be haunted – I’m talking about Khooni Nadi in our capital city! Inquisitive much? Read on to know more about it.

A Mysterious River

As the name suggests, Khooni Nadi, also known as the Bloody River or the Bermuda Triangle of Delhi, is one of the scariest places you can ever visit! The literal meaning would translate to a river that has the same colour as that of blood. Among the many haunted places in Delhi, Khooni Nadi bags the topmost rank since countless paranormal activities have been witnessed.

It is believed that the people who have mistakenly fallen into the river have never come back alive, and have got sucked deeper into the river due to some supernatural energy. And hence, countless death reports have surfaced and the bodies have never been recovered from it. The locals also claim that anybody who loiters around the river post-sunset can also hear unusual sounds of people screaming and crying. Spooky, right? What’s surprising is the fact that the depth of the stream is very less as compared to other rivers. And yet, people drown here.


Khooni Nadi is located in North Delhi’s Rohini district and is easily accessible through Delhi Metro’s Rohini West Station. This river is a small stream surrounded by green vegetation and trees. Even though there’s no evidence to prove that this spot is haunted, however, the locals residing there have witnessed several paranormal activities. Therefore, you will barely find people roaming in and around this pond once the sun has set or in the night.

Dare to Visit Delhi’s version of ‘Bermuda Triangle’

If you are one of those people who loves exploring unusual places and gets fascinated by visiting mysterious places, then you must dare to visit Khooni Nadi. However, you must avoid going there alone and need to be careful since many death cases under mysterious circumstances have been reported from the spot.

Quite contrary to reality, during the summer months, a lot of local kids seem to remain unaffected and swim at this stretch. Haunted in reality or just scripted ghost stories? Is it really cursed? Well, to find this out, you’ll have to personally visit the ‘bloody river.’

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