Dubai - The Choicest Destination for Indians


It is known to one and all that Dubai tops the list for Indians when it comes to visiting foreign destinations. And for all we know this is fairly justified. After all, all one needs to do is take a 3 hours flight. Not to mention that getting Dubai Visa for Indians, is a fairly hassle-free process for most. However, this isn’t all. Here are some of the other prominent reasons, why Indians simply love the concept of a laid-back vacation in Dubai. Let us take a look at them -

1.For those willing to explore how exactly the ground looks like from the 125th floor, the idea of visiting Burj Khalifa is only obvious. Not only does it offer an incredible experience with respect to the sights visible from atop, but also in terms of the opulence that one can witness in its style of construction and lavish interiors.

2.Dubai proves to be an ideal destination for family vacations, as it has lots to offer for the younger ones as well. Right from skiing in the desert, to revelling in the adventures of its many amusement parks, and watching the majestic penguins at the world’s top indoor ski resort, the Ski Dubai, this state-city ensures there will never be a dull moment for its visitors!

3.Thanks to its marvellous infrastructure, one can enjoy the pleasure of driving on the seamless, wide roads of Dubai. Hiring a car on rent is a piece of cake in the Emirates, and for what it’s worth, a tourist can even rent a SUV and experience the astoundingly adventurous dune bashing in the desert arena. Of course, the cheap rates of fuel also contribute to enhancing this experience.

4.As far as security goes, the Dubai police are very good at its job. Whether residents or tourists, security, especially of women, is paramount in this place which makes it a perfect destination for holiday for solo travellers, couples as well as friends and families.

5.Dubai is known for its impeccable hospitality. Not only are the hoteliers warm in the reception, but the hotels themselves offer a plush experience. As if lined with opulence in the most meticulous way possible, a 3-Star in Dubai will beat any 5-Star hotel of India, hands down. And then they have the Burj Khalifa and the Armani Hotel to add that hint of unmatched extravagance.

Given that reasons to visit Dubai are plenty and in fact, more than tempting, getting the Dubai Visa for Indians should be on the top of your mind. Just in case you happen to have a family member of Indian origin staying in Dubai, getting the Visa will be far more convenient for you. Your family member in Dubai will simply have to put forth the following documents, and voila, you’ll have your Dubai Visa in no time!

Scanned copies of the first and last pages of the resident’s passport.

Scanned copy of the resident/work permit.

Letter of Invitation or that of undertaking the responsibility of the stay and conduct of the applicant in Dubai.

Valid address proof of the residence in Dubai.

NRI bank statement for past 6 months.

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