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Now, the Roku users will be happier with Roku streaming service. This device has included several new streaming channels such as Showtime Anytime, Netflix, NowhereTV, DirecTV Now, Starz, History, YouTube TV, Popcorn TV and many more. Further, the most popular channel in recent days is Showtime Anytime. You can easily activate and watch Showtime Anytime on Roku, Well, Showtime Anytime is the latest channel in Roku channel store.

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Previously, this channel can be stream on your Smartphone, tablet, cable box or similar devices. Now, the Showtime Anytime available for different streaming players. Here are accomplish details about Showtime Anytime channel, you can check out:

1. Showtime Anytime adds free

Well, you can get the live feeds of east or west coast channels from anywhere. Similarly, the users can watch unlimited contents without getting annoying ads on their screen. Further, Showtime anytime provides immediately on-demand services so that you do not need to wait. However, the users can get amazing entertainment from on-demand catalogs regarding comedy, Drama, TV shows, original series and much more.

2. Use Roku to sign up for "Showtime Anytime"

Moreover, the Showtime offers its services to Apple TV, Roku player, iPhone, iPad Touch, and the Smartphone also. Further, you can access Showtime Anytime with signing up for it. Similarly, the users can sign up for Showtime Anytime from Roku player and similar devices as well.

Note: If you have got Showtime Anytime subscription on your Roku device, then you can also watch it on another device by using Showtime Anytime login details.

3. Get Showtime through PlayStation subscriptions

Also, if you have already taken PlayStation subscriptions on Roku, then you can watch Showtime Anytime. Well, PlayStation Vue channel on Roku allows you to access Showtime Anytime. So, watch your beloved shows on Roku player just use PlayStation login details to access Showtime Anytime.

4. Roku channel store

Usually, if you do not have other subscription, then directly add Showtime Anytime from Roku channel store.

1. Below are complete steps to add Showtime Anytime on Roku:

2. Initially, make your Roku device turn on

3. Then, simply press home button from your Roku remote, it will take you to the home screen where you can access further options.

4. Now, you have to click on the main menu, then choose streaming channels option s

5. From Roku channel store, you need to search for "Showtime Anytime" channel.

6. Once you got this channel, click on add channel option to add it.

7. Now complete the on-screen instructions to pay subscriptions charges for this channel.

Hence, you have successfully activated Showtime Anytime on Roku player. Similarly, use same steps to add latest Roku channels. There are various latest free trial Roku channels available on Roku channel store now. Would you want to pay for best streaming experience? Then stream 4k HDR picture quality contents through Roku HD channels. To know full details about Roku 4k UHD device, you have to contact now. Get latest and interesting Roku Tricks & tips 2018 details about your Roku device