Egyptian Magic: Spellbinding Experience!

25th May 2015

While I am lying on the sofa and watching television, some images of deserts come up and suddenly a breeze comes in from the window. Immediately I closed my eyes and throw a smile recalling the sweet and pleasant memories of my Egypt trip.


Photo of Egypt by Nymisha Reddy
Day 2

Dazzling City of Cairo

Photo of Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt by Nymisha Reddy

Egypt is a land filled with religion, architecture, monuments, and visual and spiritual richness and a sensual, synthesis of climate and culture. My Egypt holidays boast of sandy white beaches and scenic sunsets.

Egypt is one of the most captivating destinations in the world and is home to the immortal beauty of architectural marvels, the great River Nile, the Pyramids of Cairo, and some pretty impressive belly dancing.

The first sight of the city I chose to stay in was obviously Cairo and it is worth describing.

Cairo – It’s beyond Beautiful

The largest city in Africa and the eighth largest in the world, the Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Of course, you’d want to master and not miss anything that happens there.

Surrounded by significant places to visit, this vivacious city consists of Nile River, South of the delta; Southwest and I came across the city of Giza and the Memphis’ ancient necropolis, with the plateau of Giza and their monumental pyramids, like the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Ancient City of Memphis is situated on the south and the visual beauty, architectural and history existed in loads in that country.

I just barely reached the hotel, I was too tired and in need of land after an awful flight and the luxury nest chosen this time was the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza. The reason is quite obvious, the exclusive and unique treatment and of course, the hotel’s excellent interior design is simply stunning and awesome. However, I jumped quickly onto the cab to discover the mysteries of the ancient Pharaohs.

Great Sphinx of Giza

Photo of Egyptian Magic: Spellbinding Experience! by Nymisha Reddy
Day 3

Next I walked between Pharaonic, Islamic and Modern’s museums. I really relished the Mohamed Ali’s Mosque with that giant and passionate architecture. Located in Bab El Khalk, the Islamic Museum and the Museum of Modern Art Mukhtar, are also very attention-grabbing because they hold the most significant collection of Islamic art in Egypt. I left these museums with a different and more experienced knowledge of what it truly is Islamic art.

The Cairo Museum is the most important itinerary in Egypt but believe me, fame is not what makes it so interesting. While we are roaming on the streets and visiting the architectural moments in Egypt, it’s a very strong feeling to know that we are seeing rich secrets that were excavated for centuries. And of course, the renowned treasure of Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

Sultan Gardens Resort Sharm el-Sheikh

Photo of Sultan Gardens Resort Sharm el-Sheikh, Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt by Nymisha Reddy

But, the two moments that made my smile even more and filled my heart with bliss are: The sunset down on the Esfinge remain today as one of the most interesting images I’ve ever seen. The other moment was an afternoon with jam-packed adventurers in the midst of the craziness of the Khan el Khalili, one of the original eastern markets.

Day 4

Khan el Khalili

Photo of Khan El Khalili Market Bazaar, Giza, Egypt by Nymisha Reddy

Each step I took and every time I turned my head, my eyes crossed with silver, gold, ivory, furs, wood, copper, clothes, spice. The true feeling I had was that I was in a Museum. The funniest part was the trip to the bumps on top of the camel. I confess that I had no patience for that and had to stop.

Well, this was my journey through the Egyptian religious and historical lightness I recalled as the wind gently touched my skin in this peaceful afternoon.

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