Enjoy A Relaxing Holiday On Poseidon's Love-Nest At Paxos!

25th Jan 2017

If you want to escape to nature in quiet surroundings where you can forget all your worries, then you must plan your holiday trip to Paxos. If you are thirsty for breathtaking scenery and need a rest from your busy life, then you should plan for an island trip. Paxos is the best destination for enjoying the serenity of nature. The white pebble beaches, yellow carpet of olive trees, and turquoise blue water in the Ionian Sea make your vacation to this Greek Island amazing.

Stay With Peace at Paxos

Photo of Glyfada Beach, Glyfada, Greece by Glyfada Beach Villas

This is the best tourist place for those who want to spend some quality time in the surroundings of unspoiled nature and peace. You can't even find the signs of any artificial charm. With a handful of restaurants and bars, this island is completely out of the fast-paced urban life. No discos, no waterparks, no big shopping malls; only centuries-old settlements with traditional Tavernas, abandoned villas, privately-owned villas, churches, and a museum.

You can also satisfy your craving for delicious food by wandering into a traditional Taverna. These eateries can offer you fantastic Greek dishes to satiate your hunger. What have you decided for accommodation? Well, Paxos is a tiny island, but has several villas available to rent. Almost every villa house or apartment is situated near the beaches to offer you the best scenic view of nature and peace.

Relax In The Arms Of Nature At Beach

Just walk on the stone pathways hand in hand with your partner, feeling the pleasant ambiance. You will also meet with olive groves everywhere in your pathway. Thanks to the Venetians, who planted the olive trees, the majority of locals earn a good income. Also, the olive trees play an important role in making Paxos more eye-catching.

Everyone wants to travel such a peaceful place once in his or her life to celebrate the freedom of seclusion. No hurry to reach the office and no traffic- only turquoise water, calm beaches, and the pleasant sounds of birds. Well, this is none other than the beautiful Ionian Island of Paxos in Greece. This island is best known for its undiscovered beauty and tranquility.

Photo of Glyfada Beach, Glyfada, Greece by Glyfada Beach Villas
Photo of Glyfada Beach, Glyfada, Greece by Glyfada Beach Villas

Shingled beaches, azure water, and olive trees on the east coast can offer you the best relaxation, while on the west coast you can explore the rugged part of this beautiful island in caves and sheer cliffs. However, you will have to take a boat ride to explore the west coast. Some beaches on the east coast can be explored by walking, hiring a car, or hiring a bicycle, and a few can be accessed by boats only.

Photo of Ionian Islands, Greece by Glyfada Beach Villas

Holiday Rental Villas

If you are in Paxos and haven't had dinner or lunch in a Taverna, then your trip will be left incomplete. Book one of the Ionian holiday villas rentals for a restful stay. You can find villas with very affordable rates. Book whichever one fits in your budget and can also meet your luxury needs. Overall, the island can offer you a restful holiday to celebrate with your family or partner.

Photo of Glyfada Beach Villas, Paxi, Corfu, Greece by Glyfada Beach Villas

These villa rentals can offer you seclusion, privacy, and luxury altogether at areasonable price. You can spend the restful holiday in your rented villa with your partner or in solitude. You can also experience Greek culture through the interior and exterior of the villas. You can enjoy the freshness of weather standing on the balcony of your rental. Overall, you have all the luxury you need to make your stay comfortable in Paxos. So, what you are doing? Start packing your bags and booking your flights for your trip to Paxos!

Featured photo credit: paxos-glyfadabeach.com via paxos-glyfadabeach.com

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