Escape to Chandrakhani(One of the shortest and best Treks in Himachal) #chandrakhani#manali#mountain

15th Jun 2016

Living in these crowded cities , you dont realize that there is acctually soo many beautiful places not very far to just escape .

Chandrakhani is the peak between Kullu valley and Parvati valley . You get to see the Panoramic view of both the valley.

The trek starts from kullu and ends in Malana . (Begin from kullu valley and trek to the parvati valley )

There are different stops in between , and the view is Amazing from each point, as you can see in the picture . The trek is a little steep but worth every step .

I you are looking at 2-3 days trek , it is a MUST GO.

No issue with food, there is a dhaba at every camping site. Carry enough water every time, the trek is steep.Carry your tents with you, if you really want to enjoy.


Chandrakhani Pass Trek A must do trek!!

Experience the beauty of Himalayas :)

Photo of Chanderkhani Pass, Himachal Pradesh by Abhishek