Everything About Porsche 991 Exhaust System


If you’re looking to improve the performance of your car, an exhaust system is one of the first upgrades you should make.

What a car exhaust system is? Its main function is to get rid of the gases that are created from the fuel and the air. The process of the fuel and air burning takes place in the combustion chamber. They’re bad for the environment as well as poisonous to humans.

In order to maintain a safe car, always inspect your cars exhaust system. I recently had a vehicle that had a diesel exhaust system and I found a small hole in the exhaust. This allows the fumes to exit and can cause problems

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Exhaust System Parts

There are several parts that make up your car exhaust system and each have a different job.

1. First is the exhaust manifold which is connected to the cylinder and combines the exhaust into one pipe. It’s usually made out of cast iron. Then there’s the oxygen sensor. This is more of a modern invention and a lot of the older cars don’t have this. This sensor detects the amount of oxygen in the car exhaust system. If it’s off, the computer system will correct this issue with adding or subtracting fuel for the best fuel economy.

2. The catalytic converter takes the poisonous carbon monoxide and other carbons to less harmful chemicals. It converts it to water vapor and carbon dioxide. Without the muffler, vehicles would be extremely noisy. This is where the muffler kicks in and tones the noise of the exhaust system to a normal level. Then there’s the exhaust pipe. These pipes are responsible for leading the gas out of the tail pipe.

Now that we know what an exhaust system is and made up of, I want to share some of the improvements a high performance or diesel exhaust system will do for you. When these vehicles are made, they can always be made a bit better! The manufacturers definitely leave some room for car lovers to improve their cars, especially the horsepower and torque. The reason there’s some room for improvement is because these car companies use cheaper options when producing the car exhaust system.

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Benefit Of A High Performance Exhaust System

The main benefit of a performance exhaust system is that it will improve the rate the exhaust gases getaway from the car. What this means is that the fuel already used and the air leave the chambers quicker and the combination of new fuel with the air are burned which creates more power.

A stock exhaust system will usually use different pipes than a high performance exhaust. The stock exhaust usually will have bends in the pipes which slows down the process. The high performance system will have smooth pipes, known as a mandrel bend which won’t affect the gas flow in a negative way.

In addition to performance, you’ll notice a new sound from your high performance car exhaust system. The engine will sound more aggressive with a deeper tone; one of those engines that prr!

I hope this guide has helped you in your research for your new car exhaust system. You’ll love everything about it once it’s installed and on the road!

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