Everything to Know About Preloaded Custom Flash Drive


Are you feeling left out when your boss told you to preload your flash drive with important data for your next company presentation? Well, you are not alone. Even though preloading data services are now mostly being used by several business and companies for brand presentation or promotion, there are still numbers of individuals who do not know anything about it.

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So, to help you out, here are the top things that you should know about the preloaded custom flash drive:

1. The preloaded custom flash drive consists of any data; PDF file, videos, images, PowerPoint presentation, your company logo, and many documents that were transferred from master USB to multiple sets of USB.

2. These are commonly used for presentation during a company meeting, promotional giveaways with a company logo or brand added, and company giveaways with added company information such as vision, mission, company rules and regulation, and more.

3. The preloaded custom flash drive can be used for personal purposes since most of these have expanded storage; so, it is best used as promotional material since it can be also used as personal data storing device.

4. Encryption can also be added with these preloaded customized flash drives. Several company owners who want to share some restricted information to their executives or managers have used this option since it can be encrypted with security management, meaning, the owner can request for added security features with their customized USB flash drive.

5. Your data can be Write-Protected, meaning, the duplicated files can be protected from deletion and any form of alteration.

6. With preloading data procedure, transferring and duplicating files from master USB to multiple USB flash drives become easier and faster. So, you do not need extra effort to manually transfer files from one USB to another. Preloading data is a duplication procedure that needs one master USB flash drive to hundreds of USB in one sitting.

How does it work?

Due to revolutionary innovation in IT, preloading data becomes feasible. All you need to do is find the right company who offers this option; for instance, CFGear.

CFGear had been in this industry for years, providing efficient service in creating and producing quality custom-shaped USB flash drive and other similar services, such as data encryption, promotional products, and data preloaded services; you may read about products and services they offer at their web page.

So, what do you need to do to avail this service?

Simple, all you need to do is visit their website through this link, and talk to them. Then, you need to send them your master USB with your information, presentation, and other documents. Or you can email them with your zipped files; they will be the one to unzip it and add each data to the USB or anything as you instruct them.

Final Thoughts

There are several things you can benefit with data preloading services that CFGear or any company that for that matter offers. All you need to do is keep all your files together and contact the best service provider there in town.

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