Everything You Need To Know About The Baggage Rules At Ryanair


In today’s fast-paced time, the development of global society cannot be imagined without travelling. In the recent years, low-cost airlines have become one of the most popular ways of travelling and organising our business and social lives.

The Infographic titled as “Ryanair Baggage Rules: Things To Know” explains the baggage rules at Ryanair, one of the most trusted low-cost airline in the UK. These rules include the following:

1.About the Portable Dialysis Machine: Ryanair allows you to carry the Portable Dialysis Machine at free of charge. However, the batteries used for Portable Dialysis Machines are required to be non-spillable.

2.About the Liquids: The liquids in hand baggage should be in a container of not more than 100ml and should fit in the hand bag. The food and milk such as baby milk, powered milk, sterilised water and baby food and medicines are allowed in the flights.

3.About the Parachutes: Parachutes of any type, be it recreational or sports or paragliding wings (also known as ‘canopy’) are accepted for carriage. However, the parachute pack must not contain pyrotechnics or smoke canisters. One is not allowed to carry these accessories on the aircraft.

For further information, refer the Infographic or contact Ryanair Contact Number.

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