Examination Centre Shimla

6th Sep 2016
Day 1

Today i had my exam in shimla (approx 90 km away from my hometown Kasauli). I always try to choose my examiation center in different places so as to travel in the name of exam, for almost  all competitive exams . So this time I chose Shimla .

Since I have already mentioned that I am a mountain lover...so my nearest & dearest hill station is Shimla after Kasauli :)

Yesturday i arrived here because today I had an exam well that was the sad part :D

But yes it's true that the journey is more enjoyable than the destination.

Yesterday I left for shimla at 11 am from kasauli. I had decided to stay at my friend's (Nitika's) place in Shimla instead of my maternal aunt. But my friend was out somewhere so she called me up to tell  me to reach at Shimla by 3-4 pm so that I wouldn't have to wait for her, for long.

From kasauli an uncle (Dad's friend) offered me lift to Solan (a city that is 30 km away from kasauli & falls amidst the journey from kasauli to Shimla) . So I expected to reach Solan way too early &  thought of picking a bus to Shimla hence reach there  by 1:30 pm  I was talking to uncle (who offered me lift) & pondering simultaneously that what would I do at Shimla for another 2 hours. I had made many backup plans. But what... we stuck in traffic at Dharampur ( 15 Km away from Kasauli) I was happy and thanked God for compensating the time haha...

I reached Solan around 12:45 pm then I headed toward the bus stand. There I intentionally missed a bus to Shimla as I would have reached Shimla earlier than expected instead. So I sat there, plugged in my headphones & started to observe my surroundings.

Then bought some snacks and finally took a bus. Reached Shimla by 2:30 pm approx. Nitika called me up and told me to wait for 35 minutes at Shimla bust stand and suggested me in a sarcastic way  to enjoy free wifi service at bus stand.

So i wandered here and there for a seat & finally got one. Plugged in my headphones and was just thinking how many people are here...some travellers, some students...so crowdy that place was. All of a sudden I saw two kids of 2-3 years of age ( clumsy & dirty but cute & innocent) may be  of  beggars or poor people. They were playing and shouting and i unplugged headphones just to hear if what they were talking. They brought a smile on my face & suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder & it was Nitika. She hugged me and asked if what was I thinking & smiling ... I pointed toward those kids and it brought smile on her face too.

Then we headed towards the Mall Road Shimla since we graduated from St. Bede's college Shimla...the Mall road reminded both of us our college time and weather was quite mixed (sunny and cloudy). We spent some quality time together and then went to her home!

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