Experience New Depths of Spirituality at Goa

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The Goan churches have a charm of their own and the whole world gives a nod to the classic beauty that still resides in these monuments. It might as well be called the ‘city of churches’ since you will find plenty of them here with cheap flights to Goa, preserving one or the other lost architectural style in its walls and ceilings. The Portuguese invaders built as many churches as they possible can to make this place more homely to them and their clan. They also wanted to spread Christianity in their new territory and this turned out to be a noble way of doing the same.

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When it comes to grand décor, Se Cathedral surely takes the cake as evident with tickets to Goa. Being one of the largest of its kind in entire Asia, this place was built to honour Portuguese conquest over the Muslim rulers. It took a whopping 80 years to be constructed and that say something about the great care that has been taken in each and every detail of this pious shrine. This construction pays homage to the St. Catherine of Alexandria. It is situated in old Goa and you can hear the ring of its massive golden bell throughout the city.

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Bom Jesus Basilica is another striking sixteenth century church that bears great significance in Christian culture. It consists of the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The interesting thing about them is that they refuse to decompose even now and that is why they have been encapsulated in a silver casket ad exhibited to bless the pilgrims once every decade. Baroque architecture can be seen on major portion of this building which is mainly composed of granite, wood, gold and stone. Flights to Goa will bring you closer to this religious site whenever you sense the calling.

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