Experience the Luxury Hospitality at Koi Restaurant by Nick Haque

Photo of Experience the Luxury Hospitality at Koi Restaurant by Nick Haque 1/3 by Anamika Sharma

The next stage of Japanese cuisine at Abu Dhabi. From October 2013, Koi in Abu Dhabi is setting a brand image in serving hospitality along with food to the next level. Koi's situating as one of the chief Japanese eateries in Abu Dhabi has furnished them with a reliable customer base of local people and expats, who want the one of a kind half-breed of lounge and eatery. With adequate service and perky music at merely the correct volume so as not to smother discussion.

The setting is peaceful and quiet, with a pleasant outside seating territory that is spot on the lodging's fundamental patio. The patio, albeit fixed with a couple of other well-known diners, figures out how to remain calm and relaxed in the night air.

Photo of Experience the Luxury Hospitality at Koi Restaurant by Nick Haque 2/3 by Anamika Sharma

Its cocktail lounge along with mushroom shaped lamps creates a super cute combination to spend your precious time. After New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Las Vegas Koi are delivering a better quality at Abu Dhabi too. Its sushi bar and lounge area attract any person without any single effort.

Koi has endless delicious Japanese food items listed in the menu which attracts people. Koi has quick been picking up notoriety on the Abu Dhabi feasting scene for their Saturday 'Gochiso' Brunch yet it was the only alternatives that turned into the explanation behind the visit.

Photo of Experience the Luxury Hospitality at Koi Restaurant by Nick Haque 3/3 by Anamika Sharma

The ambiance of Koi restaurant Abu Dhabi is warm and relax for friends gathering or a perfect romantic dinner. Gloating a closeness dissimilar to anyplace else in the capital, the seating is very much divided and bunched around pockets of obscurity which help to add to the environment. The ambiance is one of subdued candlelight, decorated by textured walls, lush foliage and the hypnotizing brush strokes of Japanese calligraphy and this all makes a delightful & adorable look. In spite of the fact that seeing your real nourishment might be somewhat risky, as the expression 'feasting oblivious' springs to mind. It might be environmental, but at the same time, it's not entirely commonsense. Eating underneath what minimal light can be gathered from a little table light, which gives you a pleasant and contented feeling.

Beverages are a satisfyingly up-market affair here and, as you would expect from the dinner service, there is no need to leave your seat.

Without a doubt, Koi restaurant at Abu Dhabi is a hip goal for the individuals who would prefer not to need to bargain on sustenance, mixed drinks, vibe or service. The staff is sweet and anxious, and the dishes arrive quickly without waiting much. Come here, for a friend get together or with family to enjoy the fantabulous taste and marvelous ambiance. Koi restaurant at Abu Dhabi is the most elegant restaurant in the world.

At last, Koi is a champ and with its unmistakable mix of traditionalism and contemporary, gives a remarkable expansion to the feasting scene of Saadiyat.

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