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Experience The Surreal Spiti
Duration: 20 Days
Expenditure 25000

It was spontaneous and we didn't plan to do a very elaborate trip, but first day into this magnificent place and we found ourselves awestruck by the mere beauty that place has to offer. It starts with lush green, snow capped mountains and not far off you can see sand mountains (not dunes) with gushing rivers and you would have not said to yourself that it could be that beautiful a sight. Those pin curves in the mountains and long hours of drive between places does not make you feel tired, because you are mesmerized by what you see the entire time. Cold nights with dry winds make it the best place to camp [and if you are a couple, it couldnt be more romantic ;) ]. The place offers you world's most beautful treks into the mountains and you would never be amazed at how generous and kind hearted people of this place are. The place deserves much appreciation than it gets. 

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