Experiences Off the Beaten Path in Singapore – Unique Things to Do in the Lion City

7th Sep 2021

If you’re looking for things to do in Singapore that you won’t necessarily find in guidebooks, you’ve come to the right place and here are some activities to add to your itinerary!

Try Your Hand at Prawning

Photo of Experiences Off the Beaten Path in Singapore – Unique Things to Do in the Lion City 2/5 by Ayodha Iruni Wijesinghe
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Popular with Singaporeans, prawning is worth trying. Special prawning establishments feature ponds or pools with prawns that you can catch via a rod and bait; the great thing is, you can grill the pawns you catch at such sites for a delectable snack! Venues include Hai bin Punggol open 24/7 and the indoor Fish@Bugis+.

Enjoy Multicultural Shopping

When looking for the best hotel rates in Singapore, consider a Civic District property for easy access to locales for distinctive shopping adventures. These include Chinatown home to stalls selling souvenirs and medicine, Little India offering Indian sweets and figures of deities and Arab Street with its fabrics and perfumes from the Middle East.

Visit a Temple Open 24/7

Amongst the unique Chinese temples in Singapore, Tan Si Chong Su is the only one of its kind that is open around the clock! Home to a Tan Clan ancestral hall that dates to the 19th century, this sacred site is where one will get to see Hokkien architecture, shrines, paintings, carvings, sculptures of dragons and more.

Savour Drinks at a Hidden Bar

Despite having made the list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars, 28 HongKong Street doesn’t outwardly promote itself; amongst its key features are that there is no signage outside and access to the bar is through an old shophouse! Those who find it can enjoy delicious cocktails and drinks while listening to 90s American hip hop music.