‘Fall’ in Love – Karnataka – Part 1


Looking to explore some of the best waterfalls in India? Karnataka is the place to do so. With abundant natural beauty, hills and rivers, Karnataka is blessed with some of the most amazing, beautiful and awe inspiring waterfalls. These are integral part of tourism industry in the state. Tourists from all over the world throng Karnataka to witness the charm these falls offer. In this chapter of BeingLocal we will list some of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in Karnataka.

Jog Falls:

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Created by the plunging Sharavati River, Jog falls are the second highest falls in India located in the Shimoga District of Karnataka. Water drops down from a height of 253 mts. Nearest city is Sagara. Also popular as Gerosoppa Falls, Jog falls are best viewed during the monsoon season when the local rains make the level of water go up. Otherwise, Jog falls is just a couple of streams flowing down the cliff. The view is simply majestic here.

Around 12 Km from from the Jog falls lie Dabbe Falls. The lesser populated falls, Dabbe falls are surrounded by pristine nature well secluded. One needs to walk for 7 Km through the lush green forests, located in the western ghats to reach Dabbe Falls. The view is worth taking the walk and a literal lap of nature. The water is too relaxing and you wont mind a shower beneath the falls.

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Distance from major cities :

Bangalore – 375 KM

Hyderabad – 642 KM (Shortest Route)

Mumbai – 739 KM

Gokak Falls :

Located in the Belagavi District of Karnataka, Gokak falls are at a distance of 55 KM from Belagavi city. The Gokak falls are formed by Ghataprabha river, which is a tributary to the Krishna river. The nearest town is Gokak, which is about 6 KM from the falls.

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Gokak is more popular among people from nearby areas because of its climate which is of a typical hill station. The water falls from a height of 52 mts, looking ferocious. There have been quite a few instances of people drowning the falls. Taking some extra caution is advised. The climate is amazing throughout the year and one can spend some quite time away from the chaos of cities. Due to the climate during winters and proximity to Belagavi, Gokak town is also a wonderful experience if you want just relax and do nothing. Stay here for a week meditating, you will be amazed.

Distance from Major Cities :

Bangalore – 575 KM

Mumbai – 490 KM

Pune – 345 KM

Hyderabad – 530 KM

Godchinamalaki Falls :

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A perfect picnic destination, the Godchinamalaki falls is situated at a distance of 30KM from Gokak Falls and are located in the Belagavi District of Karnataka. Belgaum City is at a distance of 40 KM the falls. The falls are uniquely divided into 2 parts, where in the Markandey river (another name for the falls-Markandey Falls) takes a first plunge of 25 mt and then the second plunge of 20 mt after flowing for some distance. The view is amazing and water flowing especially during the monsoon season looks very rough but is a treat to watch the thunderous water flowing on the rocky bed.

Distance from Major Cities :

Bangalore – 550 KM

Mumbai – 483 KM

Pune – 335 KM

Hyderabad – 523 KM

Irupu Falls :

Created by the Lakshman Teerth River, a tributary of Kaveri river, Irupu falls are located in the Kodagu District of Karnataka. The water falls from a height of 52 mt. Lakshman Teerth is another, local, name to the falls. With a special mention in Ramayana, Hindu mythology, the water is believed to be sin cleanser. Every year on Maha Shivratri, thousands of believers travel to Irupu falls, for the obvious reason! Otherwise too, the falls are a treat to watch and is a perfect spot for photography with a perfect blend of green and white. The sound of water plunging down, is pleasing to ears along with the chirping around.

Photo of ‘Fall’ in Love – Karnataka – Part 1 5/8 by Sachin Verma

You can also visit Munikal Caves, located in the Brahmgiri Mountain Range, the trek starts at Irupu falls. You will follow a trail with very less or no inclination through the grassland, watching beautiful views and wildlife. This is nature at its best. If anyone ever wanted to get lost, this is the place where you’d want to get lost ! Collect as many memories you can, these are the moments which will keep you going through all thick and thins. After the trek you will reach Munikal Caves. Sound proof, that’s what these caves are famous for, also feature in mythology and are believed to be the cave where sages used to meditate continuously for years.

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Distance from Major Cities :

Bangalore – 255 KM

Kochi – 310 KM

Calicut – 133 KM

Hyderabad – 810 KM

Abbey Falls :

Another picturesque waterfall in the Kodagu District of Karnataka. At a distance of 10 Km from Madikeri, Abbey falls is one of the most frequented waterfall in the region. The region contain coffee and spices plantation near the falls. However due to sudden rise in tourists visiting Abbey falls, the place is getting polluted.

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We need to walk through the coffee plantation and a hanging bridge to reach to the best fall view. The best season to visit Abbey falls is again monsoon with the water level up on rise. This place also boast of amazing weather during winters. During the trek to Abbey Falls, make sure you are fully covered and do carry some salt for the leaches.

Photo of ‘Fall’ in Love – Karnataka – Part 1 8/8 by Sachin Verma

Distance from Major Cities :

Bangalore – 253 KM

Chennai – 590 KM

Kochi – 365 KM

Calicut – 180 KM

1 Month , 4 Weekends, 4 Trips to ‘Fall’ in Love.

There is more to travel and explore.

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