Exploring Entire Himachal within 14 days

22nd Dec 2016


Photo of Exploring Entire Himachal within 14 days by Sagar Gantyala
Day 2

We started our trip from Mumbai, 3 friends directly mumbai to pathankhot it was 2 day ride, from there we got a bus till dalhousie. 1 day 24 dec we stayed in dalhousie and there was 1 st snow fall of the season an awesome welcome and start for our trip. Whole night there was thunder storm and snow fall. Next day we did some local sightseeing and enquiry for best places, our hotel manager helped us and booked us a cab which took us to khajjiar, as the primary route was blocked due to snow fall we took a detour and went to khajjiar from chamba region the cab ride was bit more but it was worth it.

Day 3

Day 3: of our trip and we reached khajjiar exploring all the beautiful spots in between like, chamera lake and dam, laxmi narayan temple, chamba district Museum. We reached khajjiar by 7 evening. Cab driver helped us book a hotel at very cheap price in khajjiar near the ground. Whole night was amazing star gazing was clear and ground was huge we had camp fire also near our hotel. Next morning we explored the beauty of place,trees were huge and ground was covered by snow totally. Visiting khajjiar in dec was not a great time but we couldn't missed the opportunity and ground was amazing. Spent some time and took off early visiting kalatop wildlife sanctuary and snow point on our way back to dalhousie.

Day 4

As dalhousie was done we then headed to dharmshala, took a bus from dalhousie directly to mcleoadganj. Reached by nightfall and booked an hotel at the topmost end near nabi village. It was totally scenic over there. Had a word with a cab drive who said he'll show us all points in dharmshala. Day 4: we had our breakfast and went out early morning to explore the beauty of dharmshala. Visited the dalai lama temple, market, waterfalls, green lake, temples, Norbulingka institutes and HPCA stadium during our 1 day trip at dharmshala. As we booked cabs so it was easy for us to visit all these places easily. By nightfall we completed entire dharmshala and enquired the bus bookings and luckily we got the last bus which was headed towards kullu.

Day 5

Day 5: We reached kullu by 3 am in the morning, we couldn't go anywhere so we decided to have a good sleep and the journey was exhausting. We booked a cheap hotel on our way and moved in for the night. we slept well for 3 hrs and freshened ourselves as we had a long journey ahead. He checked out and went to bus stand for inquiry of buses we wanted to go to kasol. We were fortunate there were many buses so we boarded on till bhuntar and from there again a bus till kasol. An awesome parvati valley view can be seen. Very good place for trekkings and adventure and youngsters. Its just like goa. We reached by afternoon and booked an hotel.As the climate was changed we were more energetic. we did a small trek from our hotel room till manikaran gurudwara a natural hotsprings occur and a holy place. We had langar over there and enjoyed the view of trekking by parvati river. By evening we explored the market area and did some good shopping. At night visited a party too and ended up in our room by night.

Day 6

Day 6: we checked out after having a free breakfast we went to market for catching a bus till manali. We wanted to do rafting but we saw that water levels were low and the rafting route was not that great at all. So we went directly to manali. Our room was away from the main city around 2 km so we always ventured manali by walk only. First day we reached and did our gothrough of place. we just relaxed spent time on mall road, shopping and enjoying the new year decorations. Day 6 was boaring as we had lot of chats regarding our trip planning, we went to hidimba devi temple as it was late 6 pm and sun was down so we couldn't see much. we were a bit dissapointed to hear that rohtang pass was closed recently due to snow fall. we took a good rest and planned for next day.

Day 7

Day 7:Early morning we left for solang valley. Reached there and saw the paragliding spot. As the rate was too high we couldn't do as we carried less cash and no atms were there around. we wanted to do high point paragliding. 3 k person too costly for us. so we decided that we would do trekking as someone told there was a temple above. we went on trek again and finally after 1 hr we reached the temple. There was water falling from above and shiv ling was formed with the freezing water. A good trek and was worth it view spent around 5 hrs easily at solang valley. Then we returned to city. There was daylight so visited Hadimab devi temple, museum and Manu temple exploring old manali too on our way. By the time we reached manu temple it was dark again. we went to our hotel back after a full day's adventure. Our room was giving us free dinner buffet so we stayed at same room and checked out next day morning.

Day 8

Day 8: Checked out and headed towards bus stand got direct bus to shimla. It was a long distance. so almost entire day was spent in travel itself. we were exhausted when we finally reached old bus stand of shimla. As it was new year's eve we couldn't find any hotel bookings on any app, the rate was also too high. At shimla we did try finding some place for shelter but no luck so we stayed at the bus stand itself the entire night as many other people were also there. We were exhausted after spending the night at bus stand. To our comfort many people were there and they were celebrating the new year in the bus stand too.

Day 9

Day 9:Next morning we found a hotel near high court and quickly booked it. Now check in time was 11 so we have not wasted any time and researched on exploring shimla. Early morning around 7 am we headed out towards the Viceroy palace. To our amusement it was quite a wonderful place. we went there by walk through the institute exploring the beautiful roads and scenery. Monkeys are very dangerous so be aware of them. Spent a god 2 hrs and went to a nearby bird sanctuary. The taxi rates are too costly in shimla so we explored most part of city by walk. We again came down from hill and went to our hotel room. Damn exhausted so freshened up and relaxed for sometime. As it was already 3 we found a taxi for exploring kufri. we had our lunch and headed towards kufri. Kufri is a beautiful place near shimla. we reached kufri after huge traffic and to our amusement it started snow fall as soon as we entered the zoo. Zoo was amazing and snow fall increased a lot. After 2 hrs the roads were blocked entirely. we then took a long route back towards shimla. It was quite late by the time and we directly headed towards our hotel and slept.

Day 10

Day 10:Explored mall road, local sightseeing spots. Did trek to Hanuman temple by walk, Explored museum had some local cusine and the day came to an end quite fast we checked out from our rooms and kept our luggage at hotel only till evening. We booked the bus Near post office to Delhi. So booking was done we went towards old bus stand and boarded the bus to New Delhi.

Day 11

Day 11: Reached around 6 am in morning in delhi. As our train was around 10 am. we took an auto towards the station Sarai rohila. Waited on station till the train came. Turn by turn keeping an eye on luggage and charging the phones on station. Finally 2 day journey in Gareeb rath to Mumbai. Trip completed successfully .

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