Exploring Kangra Valley with an 8 month baby

25th Aug 2014

I sat looking out of the small plane at the beautiful Delhi airport being left behind. The noise from the plane's engine was deafening but the silence inside the aircraft was eerie. It was a very small plane with just 10-12 people on board and 2-3 crew members. 

Slowly the plane was surrounded by clouds blocking and I came back from my thoughts. I could see my mom trying to pacify my daughter who was weeping. With passing time she became even more uncomfortable and started crying because of the noise. Luckily the journey was just 90 minutes and we landed at Gaggal airport. 
It was a beautiful sight. It seemed as if our plane had landed in midst of plain lands. A small airport  which closed as soon as we all stepped out. 
We came out and hired a taxi to Naddi. 800rs :21kms
Naddi is a small village approx 8km ahead of Dharamshala. We had booked our hotel in Naddi. The way to Naddi was completely mesmerizing. Green trees, sharp turns on Hills, small roads, army maintained area, simply beautiful. 
We reached Naddi around evening, dumped our belongings in the hotel and went for a small walk around. After some sightseeing we came back to hotel. Dinner and rest. Wrapped up for day 1
Day 2: took the hotel shuttle till Dharamshala. It's the center point and provides good connectivity to all neighboring places. From here we took a local bus to Mcleodganj (less than 10rs pp). 
Mcleodganj is famous for so many things be it Dalai lama house, Tibet market or mom's. We spent our first few exploring all of these. Then we headed to Bhagsunath Temple (approx 3km).A good opportunity to enjoy trekking but take an auto if you are with kids or old people. Bhagsu waterfall is simply an amazing view and just a little distance from the temple.  After enjoying this beautiful place, we took an auto and came back to Mcleodganj. 
This place has best of the best cafe's to sit back and enjoy some good food. It was nearing evening so we thought of going back to hotel. On the way we saw St. John church and war Memorial. Back to hotel, dinner and some walk around. End of day 2
Day 3: Took a local bus from Naddi to Dharamshala. From here we took another bus to  Palampur. Do ensure adequate supply of food and tissues in your baby bag if opting for such long travels. Luckily my baby slept throughout the journey. On the way back we covered Chamunda Devi temple.
Day 4:came down to Dharamshala and took a local bus to Jwalamukhi temple. A beautiful temple. One of the famous Shaktipeeths. We came back to Dharamshala and enjoyed some local shopping. Came back to hotel after covering the Dal Lake which was just 2 kms from our hotel 
Day 5:Taxi to Gaggal airport. On reaching airport we found our flight was delayed by 2 hours. So enjoyed the time at Gaggal market having local food and shopping. Came back to Gaggal airport and our flight was waiting for us. 

Photo of Exploring Kangra Valley with an 8 month baby 1/2 by Gurpreet  
Photo of Exploring Kangra Valley with an 8 month baby 2/2 by Gurpreet

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