25th Nov 2018




Day 1

Started from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Boarded an Indigo flight to Mangalore.

Landed at the Manglore airport to get a cab toward the mall, where we had to pick up the Zoomcar from. The local taxis had a fare which was highly top notch, thwrefore we decided to book an Ola. For the Ola drivers, you need to walk out side the airport. We picked up the zoomcar from a mall in Mangalore. Then our journey started. We had to reach Paradise Lagoon, Udipi till 8 pm and it was already 6 pm. The road from Manglore to Udipi is one for die for. At a stretch , we just decided to ditch the highway and move towards a road going just beside the sea. The view , the drive , the road was insane. The beautiful Karnatakan Vibe had started to imbibe us already.

We reached our resort , The Paradise Lagoon, and it was awww crazy. It was amidst between the shores of backwaters. Thought it was already dark , we couldnt enjoy and decided to play some games and take the day off.

And yes , they upgraded us to premium rooms. What else you need in life. Right ?

Photo of Mangaluru, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal
Day 2

We were welcomed to our next day in Udipi with one of the heaviest rain in Udipi. It was raining cats and dogs. But luckily, the rain stopped after an hour of us waking up. We then decided to enjoy the Infinity Pool at our very own Paradise Resort which was no less than being one itself. The rays of the sun with the view of the backwater filled us with eternal joy. We then had one of the best South Indian Breakfast at the resort. We then chucked off our lazy butts from the bed and got ready. Decided to explore Udipi today.

Photo of Paradise Lagoon, Tonse West, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal

We first headed to the Fisherman's Paradise, The Malpe Beach. It was filled with the fishermen going sailing in search of fishes. But what was the main attraction there ? THE SEA WALK. Yes, the Malpe SeaWalk. It was so beautiful to walk deep inside the sea. It was surrounded by the thunder waves of sea on one side while the calmness of the backwater on the other side. Going, at the end point of the seawalk, you could spot the St Mary's Island which is no less than heaven on Earth. And yes having an ice cream sitting on the seawalk is a must.

Photo of Malpe, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal

Then we headed toward the Manipal University for a tour and ended up landing at a Dominos nearby.

Since it was about to be evening, we decided to drive toward the Kapu Beach. The beach was loaded with shells, you guys. It was filled with shells. And the most most most amazing part which made us drive to the beach, was the majestic Light house, The KAPU LIGHTHOUSE. It was big and magnificent. Watching the sunset from the lighthouse was an experience on itself. We were mesmerised with the view from the lighthouse. Crazy it was . It started to be dull and we had to reach our last destination before it was too late. It was a hanging brige ,you guys. We drove toward the bridge as fast we could as the sun was setting and we didn't want to lose its sight.

Photo of Kapu Beach, Padu, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal

Finding the bridge, itself was a task. We had to ask a bunch of local people as our Google Maps decided to ditch us. After 45 minutes of extreme struggle on the roads, we had the Sight of Kemmannu Hanging Bridge. It was almost dark till that time but the bridge was amazing. We could very well imagine how beautiful it would have it looked, had we arrived 15 minutes before. Then we decided to go to Sagar Ratna in Udipi and take a deep sleep over night.

Day 3

The day as usual started with splashing ourselves in the infinity pool. Had a quick breakfast so that we could enjoy a boating session around the backwaters of our resort. It was so splendid. We missed the fishing session since we were getting late. We checked out our resort, packed our bags into the car and moved towards another exciting adventure awaiting for us. We had to drive from Udipi To Chikmagalur. The best part of the whole trip was the roadtrip. The roads were lovely, you guys.

Photo of Udupi, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal

We drove through Agumbe.Agumbe is a small village located in Shimoga district, Thirthahalli taluk in the Malnad region of Karnataka, India. It is sometimes called "The Cherrapunji of the South". It was raining heavily throughout Agumbe. We had to visit certain waterfalls in Agumbe , which were inside the rainforest but couldn't since they were closed due to rains. That was the only low key point we suffered throughout our journey in South India. Udipi to Chikmagalur was a 5 hour drive through Agumbe. The trees surrounding the roads were lush green due to rains. It all looked as if you were watching an HD film in real.

Photo of Agumbe, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal

It was all so clear and beautiful. Then came the coffee gardens on our way and nevertheless the path became more beautiful. We stopped between to fill our stomachs with some Idli and Pakoras with CHAI (the best part of the day).

Photo of EXPLORING THE UNSEEN KARNATAKA❤ #southindiaitinerary by Kritika Sehgal

We entered Chickmagalur around 6 pm and then just lazied aorund our Hotel.

Day 4

Our hotel, 'AADRIKA' was a luxury experience to indulge in. The rooms were so spacious and beautiful. We just lazied around that night and went off a good sleep.

Photo of Hotel Aadrika, Kadur, Chickmagaluru, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal

The day started with a quick cycling session around our hotel and a game of basketball. The hotel 'Aadrika' management were kind enough to fill our stomach with some North Indian Breakfast because after all north Indians need paranthas in their life. After a scrumptious meal at Aadrika, we decided to go to the tourist information desk and seek information for tourist places there. We got ready quickly for the day and were ready to set off.

Our first destination was Mullayanigri, the highest peak of Karnataka. Guys, the roads again were so smooth , and so swift, like roads made for utmost pleasure with the light drizzling rain. WOW. We had to take jeep in the last patch toward the peak as private cars couldn't be taken up there. We were welcomed by the clouds . Once we reached above the peak it was so chilly , and everything was covered with clouds. It looked phenomenal. We ate garam garam MAGGI with that chilly weather. Guys, it was just Amazing..

Then, we moved towards the most beautiful spot in our whole trip. The BUTTERMILK FALLS. Guys, it was so beautiful , I just can't explain here. You need to take a jeep to reach those falls as they were deep inside the valley. AMAZING . Check out the photos to see more.

Photo of Hebbe Falls, Kesavinamane, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal

We decided then to move toward Baba Bunda Peak. . The Baba Budangiri range is very prominent in Chikmagalur. It also has waterfall, which again you have to take jeep too. It is on the Baba Budangiri Hills, which is a sacred place for Hindus and few Muslims who believe in dead saints.

Photo of Baba Budangiri, Nagenahalli, Karnataka by Kritika Sehgal

Ended our day at the Hirekolale lake , which was again mesmerizing.

Hirekolale lake

Photo of Hirekolale lake, Chickmagaluru, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal
Day 5

Started the day with a scrumptious North Indian Breakfast at the Aadrika. We had to move towards Banglore on thdat day, so we packed our bags , checked out of the hotel and left towards Banglore. Aadrika was a luxe experience.

On our way, we decided to visit the Ayyanakere Lake. Ayyanakere in Chikkamagaluru is jaw droppingly beautiful for a sunrise or sunset experience.

Ayyankere lake

Photo of Hotel Aadrika, Kadur, Chickmagaluru, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal

Our last stop in Chickmagalur was a coffee plantation. Chikmagalur district is the birthplace of coffee in India. We went to CAFE COFFEE BARN. It was such a pretty place. A cafe amidst the coffee plantations, with the fragrance fo coffee imbibing you. It was beautiful. The host, OMG! She was utterly sweet. We highly recommend you guys to visit this place whenever in Chickmagalur. Then we started our journey towards Bangalore.

Cafe COffee Barn

Photo of Cafe Coffee Barn, Athigiri, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal
Photo of Cafe Coffee Barn, Athigiri, Karnataka, India by Kritika Sehgal
Day 6

And our South India trip ended. As we packed our bags and went towards the Airport to catch our flight towards Delhi, loaded with beautiful memories of the place.