Extended Stay in Miami: Explore Beaches, Museums and More

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In the southeastern United States, Miami is a major harbor city of south Florida’s Atlantic coast. It is one of the most famous cities all across the world due to its beautiful beaches. Moreover, it is a major center and leader in culture, media, entertainment, arts, finance, commerce and international trades. It hosts the third tallest skyline in America with more than 300 high-rises. Also, it has largest banks. The airport of Miami is one of the busiest airports. All these data must be giving you a clearer idea about the popularity of Miami among not only travel lovers, but also business professionals. Going for an extended stay Miami can be a lifetime experience. You can do so much there!

Explore Beaches

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Miami. There are so many beaches to explore that you need to stay for at least a month or two so you can touch each beach of Miami. Furthermore, each beach gives a different feel to visitors. Each beach has something different to offer. 21st–45th Street Beach, Lummus Park Beach, Haulover Beach, Sunny Isles Beach and South Pointe Park Pier beaches are the most visited and famous beaches of Miami. You can explore one new beach daily during your extended stay in Miami.

Museums and Art Galleries

Very few people know Miami is famous not only for its serene beaches, but also for its museums and historic places. The city has many renowned art museums and galleries such as Perez Art Museum, Wynwood Walls, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Cubaocho Museum and Performing Arts Center, The Gold Coast Railroad Museum and the list go on. The tourists on their extended stay Miami often visit these museums and art galleries to know this city even better.


If you love water sports you will extended your extended stay in Miami even more. There are many beaches with good clean sea water, advanced equipment and a wide range of water sports to offer. It offers a wide range of watersports to its visitors such as Parasailing, Flyboarding, Windsurfing, Jetpacks, Kayaking/Sup, Jet Ski Tours and much more. You can have a day full of adventures in water and still want more.

Extended stay hotels

Miami has the best extended stay hotels to offer to its visitors. Some of the hotels are located at the beach area and give the beach view from the hotel suite. Living in a spacious extended stay hotel in Miami is an experience worth investing in. To find a good extended stay hotel Miami at affordable weekly rates, please visit https://www.weeklyhotels.com/city/miami. The portal offers a wide range of choices of hotels to its customers along with the best weekly rates and more benefits.

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