Eye-Arresting Places to Visit on Singapore Package

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You cannot ignore Singapore, which is so diverse in its own way. Starting from those sapid dishes to varied cultural heritage to eye-arresting attractions to exhilarating events, Singapore has everything to take you away from your daily routine to an amazingly new world of amusement in your Singapore Package.

Go ahead with the planning for your getaway to Singapore – The City of Lions on your Singapore Package.

Peranakan Museum

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Peranakan Museum

Dedicated to Peranakan culture, Peranakan Museum is one of a kind in the whole world showcasing its varied heritage, communities and Straits Settlements in Penang and Malacca. Apart from being the sister museum to Asian Civilizations Museum, Peranakan Museum is located in one of the oldest school buildings called Old Tao Nan School, Armenian Street. Do not forget to check out the detailed work of art, beadwork, and dining porcelain, which are rarely found, Victorian bell jars, Peranakan styled blouse dresses called kebayas, authentic food and Madonna with Chinese styled vines and flowers. Make sure you include these check outs on your Singapore Package trip making worthy and memorable.

Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore

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Sri Mariamman Temple

The oldest and agamic Hindu temple designed in the Dravidian style – Sri Mariamman Temple. Originally built in 1823, it was re-built after 20 years in the middle of Chinatown. The main attraction is an amazing animated Technicolor Gopuram tower located right above the terrace designed in 1930s. On your visit to Sri Mariamman Temple, you will be amazed to see how Gopuram is covered with plasterwork images of the Creator – Brahma, the Destroyer – Shiva, the Preserver – Vishnu and the sculptures of sacred cow gracing the boundary walls. Plan your Singapore Package in October and witness the Thimithi festival where devotees stand in a queue and walk barefoot over the burning coals.

Lau Pa Sat

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Lau Pa Sat

Also known as Telok Ayer Market, Lau Pa Sat is a historic building, situated in the centre of the city. With its distinctive octagonal shape, which means ‘Old Market’ in Hokkien, is a food centre facing the street. It is said that Lau Pa Sat is the remains of Glasgow, which was shipped in 1894. In addition, taste the food delicacies in your Singapore’s trip.

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