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Computer Glasses for experience, we all have in the store had a lot of optical shop in the streets, fitting process is roughly the same: but so fitting process can really create a pair of computer glasses degree accurate and suitable for their eyes? Will reveal to us today, a pair of love, from the medical optometry glasses what is born.

1 computer optometry


Computer optometry is to look at the effect of visual acuity level, concluded that dioptre, here used to check the instrument called computer refractometer.

Here needs in mind, the first time in the optometry of teenagers and children, had better be in doctor under the hands of mydriatic, get rid of the influence of the ciliary muscle recuperate in diopter number, to reach the accurate optometry intentions.

2 iop check

See the intraocular pressure data, based on intraocular pressure discriminant is there exist, perhaps, retinal diseases because of ophthalmology will cause decrease of visual acuity level if intraocular pressure numerical value is not normal, that is to deepen the fundus of the view.

3 inductive refractometer view

Summarized the role of the refractometer is for patients to see the best corrected vision "to" around eyes, short for is:

1. The measurement of distance (grinding lenses have necessary to some parameters)

2. Concluded that the main eye (on the basis of the main eye adjustment eyes correct separation degree)

3. The binocular visual computer glasses function view (depending on the eyes of blending and stereo imaging can)

Why the store had eyes without these to check the link?

Is not all it can to call "medical optometry, get rid of demand with many expensive check equipment, advanced medical talents is also necessary.

4 to audition

Audition link demand optometrist allocate appropriate lens prescription for the patient, the patient with activities such as walking trial lens to conclude that the lens degree of comfort.

In conclude that comfortable degree in the future, the patient will be able to to show the goods to the lens and frame selected.

Choose 5 computer eyewear lenses and frames

To take care of that is, before every view process and a check data, demand is confirmed in the professional ophthalmologist, rich clinical experience and basis for physicians to the patient's eye condition, gives the most reasonable glasses.

This is medical optometry glasses for get rid of optometry glasses and general process outside the most significant differences.

Six glasses of manufacturing

Glasses, sounds is a very easy job, in fact really so short?

Love's eye making a pair of glasses, qualified and demand 9 process!

1. Check the lens glass is practice degree and the outer packing, together to see whether have scratches.

Here computer reading glasses is used to check the instrument is called a "coke", the machine can be concluded that the lens glass optical base, to check the lens degree is precise, unqualified probably has a scratch on the lens, can use.

2. Contrast with mirror prescriptions view corresponds to the lens and frame type and degree is accurate.

3. Check the frame is off paint, and scanning frame.

4. Apply for lens focal meter wide optical base.

In making eyeglasses, eye lens optical base is bound to and the distance of two points, and also is the base of the pupils together, so can make sure the lens degree of highly accurate, can avoid together because the optical base location inaccuracy glasses to wear in the future cause dizziness.

5. Use the fixed base locator for computer yeglasses.

It USES the principle of "two point one line", for the lens glass fixed orientation of the optical base, together with the chuck is fixed on the lens, for grinding lenses.

6. Set parameters for all active edge grinding machine, mirror grinding.

Mirrors the little brother will lens related parameter input into the machine, the machine will actively on the basis of just scan the frame structure of polished lenses!

7. To frame device lenses.

Lens grinding is good in the future, will be able to gear to the frame. Below is just device lenses, feel stupid ~ 'stupid'

8. The quality check

In good lens device in the future, not can make patients wear directly, but by other completed a mirrors division of glasses for a second look at it.

View the content contains: double lens optical base is under the pd; The lens degree is corrected vision parameters fit with patients; The axis of the lens is accurate, etc. Any data don't agree, will be making this pair of glasses scrapped directly, all the process from the beginning, until the glasses make perfect correspondence patient eyes parameters.

9. The patient to audition

Now this pair of computer glasses can finally through the strict check to the patient to wear, can the patient in the hospital try a period of time, if feel uncomfortable can be adjusted to the mirrors master again.

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