Fancy Animal Print For Your Nails

Photo of Fancy Animal Print For Your Nails 1/1 by Ivan Chen

There is one animal that brings feelings like admiration and fear at the same time in me – the snake!The snakes are truly beautiful, but they also look so frightening. This doesn’t mean that you should skip this article, because the nail art down below will make you stick around until you get the look, because the effect is gorgeous. Maybe the reason for it is the choice of colors, but I think that the great result is caused by the snake-like print. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to achieve the very same result. Here we go:

First, prepare the nails for the decoration. You have to choose the proper shape. I recommend you the square nail shape, but if your nails brake too often, stick to the oval shape, because it is more stable.

Then protect the nails from the yellowing properties of the dark colored nail polish. Use base coat or any kind other type of nail polish which is colorless. Let this base coat dry completely before the application of the main color.

Now paint the nails with dark color. Here is used dark red color. Apply two coats in order to get the best out of the color.

When both of the layers are dry, place web-like piece on the nail and hold it tight with the other fingers.

Apply the golden nail polish with a sponge on the nail, through the web.

Carefully remove the web from the nail after a few seconds or until the nail polish hardens.

Do the same procedure with the other nails.

Lock the decoration with thick layer of top coat.

Clean the mess around the nails.


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