Photo of FEAR 1/4 by Nikita Gulati
Photo of FEAR 2/4 by Nikita Gulati
Photo of FEAR 3/4 by Nikita Gulati
Photo of FEAR 4/4 by Nikita Gulati


FEAR! The experience that makes you or breaks you! We all have our fears which are a result of series of incidents experienced in childhood or otherwise. Some fears are the very essence of our personality. Some fear growth while some fear the unseen. Some of us even fear change, which is the only constant.

Living in a city where fatal incidences cover a major part of newspapers, fear lurks in every nook and corner of the city. Most of the people I know have felt threatened at one point in their life. For some matters were trivial and for some life threatening.

All those fears of putting yourself at risk came to me at a certain point when I was in Thailand in June this year. I wanted to see how light brings the colors in the things around us. I rarely wake up early in the morning to introspect my life. I came back from the club in Phuket around 5 am and had a refreshing dip in the pool. I wanted to head out for the beach immediately to experience how light magically changes the visual of routine things around us. The light, that turns the frightening water of the oceans to a bright blue of the resource. The light that mellows the might of the mountain coloring the snow peaks to the exuberant rivers.

It was still pitch dark and I wasn't familiar with the route to the beach from my villa. My friends explained me the route which as simple as 'right, left, right and left again'. I grabbed my phone and stepped out of the villa confidently. The roads were so badly lit that all this certainly turned into an adventure for me. Attitude towards a certain moment in your life portrays how your mind can easily determine your circumstances. The power of my mind inflicted my deepest fear of unknown. My steps hastened and I kept looking back for any threat. Adventure soon turned into fear.

After the first right and left, I could not find any traces of another right. I panicked and saw a truck full of men, who were carrying the supplements of daily groceries for the nearby markets. The truck stopped in the middle of the road and I experienced one of the most fearful 10 seconds of my life. I kept walking when one of the men asked me if I was lost. I asked if the beach was towards the right. He stepped forward to listen to me and I saw my feet tremble. I stepped back and said "thank you" and started walking away. “One of them shouted back, this is the right to the beach! nothing ahead”. I realized I was walking away from an evident right which I missed because of the fear that had taken over my mind so distinctively.

I turned back and said, “ thank you”. The power of fear overcomes our responsibility of giving a fair chance to every individual to express their intentions. Some men/women do not mean harm but some harm you even when they are closely related to you. An experience like this was so liberating that I counted my blessings and they were so many!

There was not a single soul on the beach when I reached there. I witnessed the change in the personality of the sea and it’s relation with the sky. The clouds grew from dark billowy giants to celestial exuberant gates of paradise. The water turned from the luminous deep blue to exuberant shades of playful blue. The ocean and the sky kissed so deep at the auspicious moment of dawn that it was an experience of an artist at work. So many colors painted the canvas of my surroundings that I was overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded me. That’s the emotion that should lead us! Our fears just are a piece of our own imagination that we create as we live. But it's also an instinct that keeps us alive.