Fearless Road to Himalayas

15th Apr 2018

Unseen beauty of Uttrakhand

Photo of Fearless Road to Himalayas by Sameer Singh

One evening I got a call from Sourabh (Navy officer), saying that he wanted to go for some trek in Uttarakhand as he has been going to the coastal area since the last 4 years and this time wanted to experience the beauty of the great Himalayas. I quickly called up a few of my friends and planned a trek to Chandrashila. And this time we decided for a bike trip. So I took a bus from Delhi to Dehradun where i was supposed to meet the rest of the gang. Stayed there for a night and left early morning to Chopta.

Day 1

Dehradun to Chopta

This trip was about knowing your destination and making the journey by yourself. So what could be better than an all boys bike trip to the Himalayas? Once we reached Rishikesh the view was mind-blowing. It was almost as if the scene was taken out of some movie. The picturesque view of the rivers and valleys on one side, feeling the excitement increase as we get closer and closer to our destination, getting lost in my thoughts, were the perfect way to start the journey of the fearless road to the Himalayas. I've come to the conclusion that being lost is not always a bad thing. Sometimes getting lost in your thoughts, in the moment, just letting the beauty of nature seep in, could be the best kind of lost. It only brings you closer to yourself, helps you understand who and what you are. And once you know the answer to these questions, the journey of your life ahead will be the best damn journey ever.

Photo of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India by Sameer Singh

Hence we felt that Chopta would be the most fitting destination for such a journey. Chopta is a beautiful hill station and a superb trekking destination in Uttarakhand. Surrounded by meadows and evergreen forest with the spectacular views of mighty Himalayan ranges , Chopta not only attracts Indian but International tourists and trekkers all round the year. Chopta is the base for various trekking destinations like Tungnath, Chandrashila and more. We reached Chopta in the evening and the sunset was so perfect that I want to hold the sun n never let is set.

Day 2
Photo of Chopta, Uttarakhand, India by Sameer Singh

Chopta to Tungnath (highest Shiva temple in the World)

The Panch Kedar are the five shrines of Lord Shiva, established by the Shaivite sect. The highest one of them, the Tungnath Temple, is located at a literally breathtaking elevation of 3860 meters.

Some believe that for a shrine that is most important of the Panch Kedars, the trek should be extremely demanding and exhausting, but the government authorities have made the path clear and smooth for all the devotees. The only challenge of the 3.5 km long trek remains the sudden steepness of the slope, that is tiring and takes a toll on one's lungs and keep the frail hearted out of the game. Still, for those who are assured of their health, the trek is a very fulfilling experience.

Photo of Fearless Road to Himalayas by Sameer Singh

We stayed in Chopta for a night and next day after breakfast left for Tungnath. One can see Chandrashila peak and Tungnath temple complex at the base of the peak. The views from there onwards are incredible. A connecting peak leading to Chandrashila, known as Ravanshila, is visible to the right. Tungnath temple is only half a kilometre away from there. Towards the left, overlooking the valley is a section of Birch trees (Bhojpatra). That is a haven for birds like Monal and Griffin vulture. Take the 11th and last bend to reach the famous and holy Tungnath temple. The temple is closed in winter and you will find snow there from late December until around April.

Day 3

Tungnath to chandrashila

It was a cold morning. We woke up around 3.30 and left for Chandrashila, which took us 30 minutes to reach from Tungnath. We reached quite early as the aim was to see the sunrise from the top. But to our surprise the view before the sunrise itself was outstanding. Combination of the blue sky above us and the cold wind made us feel like the time has slowed down. There was some sort of peace, some calmness in the air. Everyone just stood in their place and absorbed the beauty around. The only thing that was going on in my mind was that people often go to the Himalayas in search of peace, and while traveling, they leave some positive energy there. Whenever I travel I can feel it. Every place has it's own energy, one just needs to get out of their comfort zone and grab that power of the Himalayas. After a beautiful sunrise we came down to Ukhimath.

Photo of Tungnath, Uttarakhand, India by Sameer Singh

Ukhimath to Dehradun

Ukhimath is a beautiful small hill town. It is also the winter seat of the two Kedars Kedarnath and Madmaheshwar shrines when the temples are covered under snow. So the plan was to visit the temple early morning and leave for Dehradun. Hitting the road again was too much fun. The journey was long and thoughts were endless.

Photo of Ukhimath, Uttarakhand, India by Sameer Singh

This trip has given a new zest for life. The fearless road to Himalayas was great idea. It helped me learn and get some positive energy to stay clam in my life. One should always do trip like this whenever the get even a splash of time. Being with school friends, cracking lame jokes and riding in Himalayas is always special.