Feed your soul

4th Oct 2018
Day 1

Shanti Ashram: Location: JORHAT, ASSAM, INDIA
Also known as Assam " Bongiya Saraswata Matha", Founded by Saint Swami Nigmananda Paramahabsa. This beautiful MATH is located at KOKILAMUKH, JORHAT near the Bank of BRAHMAPUTRA. The Ashram's primary objective is to serve the underprivileged, poor and the sick.  Spiritual activities are conduct for better upliftment of Spiritual Souls. Truly a place where peace prevail.
It was short trip. 25km approx from Jorhat City.
A very peaceful place. People can also enjoy the sunset view as it is situated beside the bank of The River Brahmaputra. It add more colors into a large canvas which is distinct from every corner.

Shanti Ashram, Jorhat, Assam

Photo of Jorhat, Assam, India by Nangsmrita Gogoi
Photo of Jorhat, Assam, India by Nangsmrita Gogoi
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