Feel it..to believe it!

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Day 1

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to be writing my first ever article, on how a life changing experience can be surrealistic for many, just like me.

At first, my parents thought, I am planning to abscond. I want to apologize to the entire institution and to all those behind the scenes, for using that word. But this is not very uncommon. I had received a lot of -

"Are you ok?"

"Why would you want to do that to yourself?"

"Are you going through some sort of depression?” from near and dear ones.

That's when I knew, this is it! I need to do this for me, for myself and to prove to myself that I can. I can keep silent for 10 days. I can eat what is served to me. I can live alone. I can survive it all. In fact, I totally lived it.

So I was lucky to get some good inspiration from a friend. Her family has been meditating Vipassana in a long while now. But to my family, this was strange, unaccustomed and difficult.

Vipassana did bring changes in my bodily constitution.

Let me remind you here, elements around you don’t start to change, or look prettier or easier ok? Everything is the same. BUT what changes, is your perception towards them. I started accepting a lot more than I used to do. I felt that the elaborately long period of silence, helped me understand myself better. I learned to decide what was worth fighting for. I learned that we all live in a transient life. And in this transient life, it’s ok if nothing happens as planned, because it won’t be for long. We all will have our bad days, because without it, we won’t appreciate the good days, right?!

So I booked my slot long in advance and told my parents after my exams. I have always been wanting something challenging in my life, and this fit so well. Those 10 days my father somehow managed not being able to talk to me. I think he was fighting his biggest challenge too.

When I came back home, I felt I had travelled too far, in a short span, carrying with me a lot experiences. So I now urge you to go, create some for yourself, protect them, as they are too precious to share!!


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