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7th Sep 2019
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Voyaging is consistently in the Indian culture – read or hear the narratives of anybody be it Shiva, Ram or any other individual. One will some way or another locate that each one of those was entrancing about voyaging. What's more, even the present age I met in my most recent a half year of solo traveling is very fascinating to meet new individuals, to trade stories, to venture out to unexplored areas, and remaining steadfast for the correct motivation or cause.

Prior to going to Parvati Valley, I was exceptionally inquisitive why everybody proposes Kasol be the best alternative for first-time solo voyagers. Presently in the wake of exploring Parvati Valley for around 2 months, I can unhesitatingly recommend anybody go Parvati Valley for the primary solo trip. The two reasons I feel are:

- One can meet a lot of experienced voyagers

- One can meet plenty of apprentices’ voyagers

The most effective method to reach Kasol

Kasol is all around associated with transports from Delhi. There are government buses from Delhi and Amritsar, however, just one air-conditioned Himachal Roadways bus keeps running from ISBT Delhi consistently around 2000 hours. I recommend Volvo transports by different private operators that cost around INR1200. I lean toward Pal Travels Volvo at 1900 hours as it reaches to Kasol early morning. The buses of private transport operators aren't permitted after 8 am from Bhuntar, so you need to deal with the last 50km from Bhuntar to Kasol on the local buses. To be straightforward going on local buses is fun as everybody conversing with one another and everybody will appreciate smoke each time the bus stops for reasons unknown.

Where to stay and eat in Kasol?

I'll recommend the lodgings just for backpackers and solo voyagers. In the event that you are with a gathering of loved ones, book rooms in any guest house or hotel in Kasol. Presently returning to solo voyagers and hikers, trek for 30-40 minutes to Chalal or Choj. There are several hostels in Chalal however the greater part of the backpacker hostels are in Choj. Indeed, even the popular hostel chains have properties in Choj. You can without much of a stretch book hostels through Booking.com and even offline too. You can meet a ton of hikers in hostels as well and plan to explore close by regions together.

Pretty much every hostel has in house Café and there are many well-known bistros in the Kasol as well. You can without much of a stretch discover Indian and Chinese dishes in any roadside slow down. Evergreen and Moon Dance Café are very acclaimed. Since the Kasol is otherwise called Mini Israel of India, one can without much of a stretch meet plenty of Israeli explorers and bistros offers heavenly Israelis dishes moreover. One must attempt Israeli and Italian dishes at Evergreen Café. Jim Morris Café has a very surprising vibe yet one needs to trek for 10-15 minutes to reach there. German bakery shop close to the primary intersection is great and pocket-accommodating as well.

What to expore in Parvati Valley?

I’ll start from the extreme top and gradually cover every village in Parvati Valley.


Kutla is one of the less visited town in Parvati Valley. Kutla is 2-3 hous trek from Tosh. Kutla isn't associated by road or some other methods. The main choice is to trek. Its a simple trek and you can get mobile network in transit as you wont get any network in Kutla. For me the trek to Kutla is much more lovely than Kheerganga trek. It's a little trek yet at the same time it gives you sentiment of trekking to wide open areas where you can discover bovines, ponies, and wonderful wooden houses. There are a lot of staying alternative. One can remain either in common rooms which can suit in excess of 10 visitors and tents moreover.


Tosh is one of the most well-known towns in Parvati Valley. One can't generally miss Tosh as it is the most open town. The nearby transports drop at Barshaini and one can undoubtedly stroll to Tosh or get a common taxi effectively. There are a lot of choices for convenience, for example, Boom Shiva, Pinki Didi, Pink Floyd and numerous others. Trek to Kheerganga, Kutla, Kalga, Pulga, and Tulga is effectively available from Tosh. The nourishment is decent and sees are astonishing. There are a lot of cascades close by to unwind for a couple of hours.


Kheerganga trek is very renowned in Parvati Valley. One must trek to Kheerganga once. It's a simple trek and is around 12km long. One can without much of a stretch discover the settlement at Kheerganga. Try not to stress to book any settlement previously. There are a lot of camps that remain with nourishment and blaze. Try not to expect various cuisine at Kheerganga yet the basic Indian nourishment is effectively accessible. I for one propose to convey claim sleeping bag if you need your resting zone to be perfect and without bloodsuckers.


All these 3 towns are only 30 to 40 minutes' stroll from Barshaini. For me, Pulga was the best of these three towns. There are a lot of staying alternatives. One can remain at Premji Sunset, and Jingle Jungle Kalga. Old Forest ViewGuest House, Baba's Café are the best one in Pulga. In the event that anybody is intending to goTulga however you can miss it, so remain at Into The Woods Ferry Forest.

I'll be covering the other towns in Parvati Valley like Choj, Chalal, Malana, Waichin, Grahan, Rasol, and Katagla.

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