FIND YOURSELF - The final chapter

25th Jun 2019
Photo of FIND YOURSELF - The final chapter by Jay Shrimali

So yeah, this was all, my solo trip came to end. I am glad and proud that I did this journey. I learned so many things, I overcame my budgeting problem, I overcame my social awkwardness and more importantly I overcame my Acrophobia.

Taking solo trips really let you know yourself better. It is important to take some time off your busy schedule and go on a rejuvenating solo trip. It is clearly not about the location and it is not about comfort. The struggles, the adventures will make your trip more interesting. So don't worry if your friends are ditching you, don't worry your boss is not giving you leaves(ditch him) , don't worry if your parents are not allowing (hide from them, but make sure you let someone elder know about this trip), and the last but the least important is don't worry if you are a girl, there are many examples for you, so just  go on a trip all by  yourself, be away from your own people and be away from all the excuses.

I didn't think of the title to my series until now, I didn't think that I would keep a title, but after writing this I think I might keep it " Find yourself". Yes, I know it is cliche, but it's true and it's an order from the instinct, So I had to keep this anyway. So goodbye until the next time with a new bunch of exciting stories. Keep traveling and let me know about your stories.