First Solo Trip

13th Aug 2017
Photo of by Jakhar Aman

It was the long weekend in August. I craved to go on a trip.

Out of a few options, I picked Mussoorie. The place is not too far and also I had never been there before.

I’ve had enough trips with family and friends, but this time, I wanted to do something different. After all, travelling is all about having new experiences. Then, the idea of solo trip popped up.

Somehow, I mustered the courage to tell my mom about it. She, being a typical Indian mother, said, ‘are you crazy?’

It took great efforts to make her digest and agree to my idea. Though it was 8 p.m. by then. But nevertheless, I quickly packed my bags and left for the bus terminal.

I got into an Uttrakhand Roadways bus around 9:30 p. m. And at 5:30 a. m. next day, I was surrounded by the Queen of Hills.

Morning in the hills.

Photo of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India by Jakhar Aman

But things did not turn out to be so beautiful in the beginning. The weather was colder than I had expected and as it was weekend, it took me 3 hours to find a good room.

Once I got into the room, for four hours, I slept like a horse. Just as I woke up, I left for Lal Tibba. As it was about 6 kms from my hotel in Mall Road, I thought it better to eat before starting out.

There was a small restaurant where I ordered one of my all time favourites, i.e. Chhole Bhature.

After Lunch. When i was on the way to lal tibba.

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman

After having food, I started for Lal Tibba. Trust me, if you are not into fitness, this trek can be hard. There was a lot of traffic on the way, honking of cars made things worse. However, the beautiful landscapes made up for every glitch.

In love with this views. On the way to Lal Tibba

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman

On the way to Lal Tibba

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman

My next stop was Klick Cafe, Lal Tibba. Here, I had a tasty milkshake. The cafe is famous for an exotic view from its roof.

Milkshake :)

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman

I stayed there for a while. Then I realised I had left my Macbook at the hotel. It made me really restless. Against my will, I left for the hotel. In half an hour, I was next to my darling Mac, relaxed and happy.

Want to reach hotel ASAP just to see my darling is fine or not.

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman

It was early evening. The obvious option was to rest for a while, so I did. After one hour, I went out to find a good and cheap place to eat. What could be better than an Omelette corner, especially one that served lip smacking juicy omelettes?

First Time Lapse

After having the delicious omelettes, I bought ropeway tickets. It was such a soothing experience. I captured many beautiful sceneries. This is one thing one must do while visiting the Queen of Hills.

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman

Later on, I went to watch Toilet Ek Prem Katha. The movie did a great job at further elevating my mood.

Then I went back to have a lovely sound sleep. Next day, I woke up at 8 and realised it's my mom’s birthday. I packed my bag and left for Delhi.

As there is only one bus from Mussoorie to Delhi that leaves at 8 p. m., I had to travel from Mussoorie to Dehradun and then from Dehradun to Delhi.

As I was in a hurry to reach home, I got into the first bus I found that was going to Delhi. But eventually I realised that the bus was in a horrible condition. My back ached all through the way. But, never mind, it was my mother's birthday and I had planned to surprise her by reaching unannounced, so the excitement helped me avoid the pain.

I reached Delhi at 7 p.m. On my way home, I stopped by the cake shop. My mother's expressions on seeing me with the cake were worth all the efforts.

So this was my first solo adventure. It may seem like a simple and short journey. But it is an experience I will cherish forever.

However, I made some mistakes that I would avoid repeating in the future, like:

-Not booking hotel in advance

-Not taking warm clothes, toothbrush and sunglasses along

-Not checking the condition of bus

Also, this small adventure cost me around 2500/-, including everything.

Please have a look on pics.

Nature at its best #1

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman

Nature at its best #2

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman

Nature at its best #3

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman
Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman

Evening in the queen of hills.

Photo of First Solo Trip by Jakhar Aman
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Will follow this itenary, whenever I visit Mussorrie!
Tue 09 05 17, 08:54 · Reply (1) · Report
Thanks alot You can contact me if you want to ask anything.
Tue 09 05 17, 09:44 · Report