Five Amazingly Beautiful Places In Kasauli To Explore


We all know that hill stations are always becomes our savoir during the hot summer days. This is the reason why most of us head towards the famous hill stations in India during the summer season. In fact, the beauty of hill stations like Kasauli can easily mesmerize you, which is the reason why people always look for the best options. Kasauli is a popular hill station located in Himachal Pradesh, and the altitude at which it is located is 1,900 meters.

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It was the year 1842 when this hill station was established. The hotels in Kasauli get jam-packed very soon, and for this reason, you must book the hotel rooms as early as possible. In this way, you will get the best rooms at the best prices. No doubt, online booking is the most convenient way of hotel room booking these days. You can easily get rooms in the best hotels in Kasauli, and White Mushroom Hotel is one of them. But, before you start looking for hotels; let us highlight some of the main attractions in Kasauli.

Tourist hot spots you should not miss

Christ Church - It was the year 1853 when this church was built in Kasauli, and the architectural beauty of this church is really a treat to the eyes. The main highlight of this church is stained glasses, which were imported from Italy and Spain. The church remains open for the public from 7 in the morning till 7 in the evening. From the city centre, the Christ Church is located at distance of just couple of kilometres.

Sunset Point - If you are looking for a place where you can peacefully admire the beauty of Mother Nature then sunset point is the place you need to be at. For the photography enthusiasts, this place offers an excellent view of the mountains around, and the view of Sun going down is something that everyone should witness. For a romantic setting, you must check out the Sunset Point in Kasauli.

The Mall - Every hill station has its Mall Road, and the one possessed by Kasauli is no different. If you are into shopping and want to purchase some beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones then the Mall Road in Kasauli will not disappoint you at all. In addition, the restaurants located in this region offer an excellent treat to the taste buds.

Monkey Point - It is the highlight point in the region, and the reason behind its popularity is related to religious elements. The view of Chandigarh from this place is just spectacular, and hence it should not be missed at any cost if you are planning to visit Kasauli anytime soon. Monkey Point is also a base for the Indian Air Force. From the centre of the town, Monkey Point is located at a distance of 4kms.

Gilbert Nature Trail - If you are looking for a place where you can witness the beauty of Kasauli’s flora and fauna then this is the best option for you. It has some really exciting trekking routes available for you.

So, those were some of the key highlights of Kasauli’s tourism. Apart from them, you can also consider other options like Mahlog State, Nahri Temple, Kasauli Club, Krishna Bhavan Mandir, and Baptist Church. Hotels like White Mushroom Hotel are offering a great experience to the tourists, and hence you must check it out. Before you proceed with Kasauli hotel booking, do not forget to compare the tariffs charged by the different hotels and resorts in this town. So, have a great trip ahead!

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