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Five must visit unexplored spots in Goa .

There ‘s never a bad time to visit Goa . It is one of the evergreen destinations of India, because of its location, atmosphere and weather. One usually associates Goa with good natured bonhomie and revelry .However there ‘s much to discover in the smallest state of India ,Goa .A few choices can help define it from being a tourist destination vs. experiential travel.

As someone who ‘s more keen on experiencing a destination than just going around after the popular tourist spots ,I keep a note of all the tips ,hints and back of the envelope unique travel experiences that I can find from various sources .To some Goa is a state of mind . To me it has been a state of experience waiting to be discovered without fail

Here are a few gems from Goa

Agonda Fort

Photos of Agonda Beach, Agonda, Goa, India 1/1 by Siddharth Jain

Agonda has a beautiful beach line. Located in South Goa it is not as popular as its neighbour Palolem Beach, which works in its favour . The sea when we visited it was humane .Mingling with the land ,fierce in its thoughts,it laid us bare in our thoughts . Why didn’t we visit it earlier ? Why can’t we visit it again ?

Photos of  1/1 by Siddharth Jain

Cabo De Rama Fort

Photos of  1/1 by Siddharth Jain

While we were in Goa, we were given a tip to check out this Fort. We located it on the map .It was secluded and rarely visited . Not to mention it was n’t well kept and closes by 5 pm .Still we decided to take a detour and visit this fort .Luckily !! I still remember the views from the fort ,and direct sound of the endless roaring ocean .

Photos of Cabo de Rama, Cola, Goa, India 1/1 by Siddharth Jain

Reis Magos Fort

Photos of Reis Magos Fort, Verem, Goa, India 1/1 by Siddharth Jain

Reis Magos is probably the best kept of many forts sprinkled on the Goan coastline and also centrally located. Since I am a big fan of the Indian artist Mario Miranda I specially went there to view his gallery ( an entire section of fort is dedicated to him ) and was not disappointed .You will also get a bird’s eye view of Panjim as you explore the fort.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Photos of  1/1 by Siddharth Jain

Located in South Goa, this sanctuary sprang a surprise on us . We walked from its entrance to one of its waterfall where we decided to take a dip. And in between crisscrossed through various streams and passed through tropical vegetation. Surely Goa benefits from its location of being in Western Ghats as one sees in Netravali .

Mangeli Falls

Photos of Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, Verlem, Goa, India 1/2 by Siddharth Jain
Photos of Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, Verlem, Goa, India 2/2 by Siddharth Jain

The route to Mangeli Falls is enchanting. The falls lie on the Goa -Maharashtra border and one needs to take a detour from Panjim up north . You will end up crossing through various stream-lets and pass through endless greenery as you move up towards the falls. The road is long and winding ,while the air is crisp and still less frequented by visitors makes this day trip a really unique experience. The nature here is a majority .

p.s- one can also do a small trek in close by surroundings .

If you happen to know about a few of places you didn’t intend to visit but did ,please drop a note or message .

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