Five reasons your next trip should be to the Northeast India


From mouth-watering momos to gut wrenching drives, from stage melting concerts to deadly mountain highs, North-East India is the holy grail for everything travel. 

However, it is still a distant and less explored land for many.

A lot has been written and a lot has been said about the strife torn conditions in some of the NE states. What is less discussed is the out of India experience it provides to an avid traveler.

So, let’s cut to the chase:

But before we begin, here are some regular perceptions about the seven sisters:

Assam has tea

Meghalaya has rain

Manipur has athletes

Nagaland is the land of meat

Tripura is the birthplace of RD Burman and SomdevDevvarman

Mizoram has a high-literacy rate

Arunachal Pradesh is close to China

However, if one decides to come out of his/her comfort zone to take the much talked about trip to the NE, he/she will find that the seven sisters offer much more than the aforementioned.

Here are fivethings that they can look forward to:


The extreme east—Arunachal Pradesh is a trekkers’ haven. This botanical treasure trove is one of the most unexplored areas in the Himalayas. With helpful hands and locals who can conquer mountains without any gears, this destination challenges even the mostseasoned trekker.

This sis followed by Sikkim. Bordered by Nepal, Bhutan and China, Sikkim is celebrated as one of the most lavishly kept secrets in the range of Himalayas.

“Trekking in Sikkim can fill one’s heart with endless joy and freshness,” said a foreign traveler.


Northeast is known for many things. From all the things, the one which tops the popularity chart is the plethora of musical talent that it produces. A major chunk of world class musicians are born in this part of the country. So, don’t be surprised if your sleep is disturbed by guitar licks after midnight.

The music scene in all the seven sisters is fabulous. From the metal bands you will find performing in IIT and cafés in Assam to punk rock shows that completely mesmerize you in Shillong. There are hundreds of studios across all states teaching kids how to play the guitar or the drums. Almost, all schools have a rock concert at least once a year.

3. Momos

There is a momo kiosk in every corner of Delhi. From Aunty’s momos in Lajpat Nagar to the “Heathy momoms” served in brown sugar restaurants, momos are a rage among college and office goers.

What the people living in Delhi and other metros haven’t experienced is the succulent chicken, pork and beef meat inside semi translucent maida covers served across many northeastern states. These dumplings give you the “Real Tibet experience”. Let alone the taste, the art itself is awe-inspiring. 

4. Shopping

Street shopping is the best thing ever! Is it not?

Dimapur in Nagaland has a ‘Hong Kong’ market. Forget about Sarojini and Fashion Street, this market is probably a beta version of Beverly Hills (if it ever existed).

All you have to have is a lot of patience and some super haggling skills. Not only this, a Burmese market in Manipur is the something out of a storybook. You find the strangest yet amazing snacks here.


Words are precious. They shouldn’t be wasted by telling people about Assam Tea. It’s like saying Switzerland has the best chocolates.

Take a detour from your tea hunt and just appreciate the aesthetic beauty of tea gardens. Their vastness and diverse terrain is a treat for city eyes. Book a tea lodge or just stroll through the gardens. As for the travel advice, you will always find plenty of locals there.


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