Five Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Sri Lanka

15th Oct 2020

Sri Lanka is an attractive, exotic destination rich in culture, wildlife, nature, and smiling faces. Sri Lanka is absolutely a wonderful nation and should be on the top list of your “countries I’ve always wanted to visit" list. Not only for tourism but just about everything else is developing tremendously there. Be sure to check more information about entry requirements here.

Located in between southern Asia and India, this country is neither quite like India nor Asia hence leaving it somewhat of a curious middle ground regarding geography, culture, features, customs, and landscape. Since travelling provides countless opportunities for the blunder, therefore, thorough preparation is essential. Here are the top things you need to know before travelling to Sri Lanka.

It is safe to travel to Sri Lanka

While there are various precautions travelers should take while on vacation in Sri Lanka, this country is mostly safe to travel. From a particular historical context, Sri Lanka was riddled with the brutal civil war between 1983 to 2009, making many travelers stay away. However, after the war ended, Sri Lanka has been rebuilding its tourism, and many more visitors visit this gorgeous country every year.

Tourism is still developing in Sri Lanka

The tourism in Sri Lanka is currently under the boom, which means that outside of Colombo's bustling capital city, some places may not seem exactly tourist ready. There are narrow and unpaved roads, there is not much English spoken, there is not much to do outside the hotels in these areas, and it’s not as convenient to pick something if you have forgotten it. However, for certain true explorers and adventurers, this is a part of the draw; there is always something rewarding about experiencing an area before it blows up and globalizes.

Trains provide better travelling experiences than buses

When opting for public transport, trains in Sri Lanka are a more pleasant experience than buses. Trains are cheaper and are a scenic way to view the landscapes. On the other hand, buses usually fill up with some passengers standing. They are undoubtedly dirty cheap, but the drivers typically drive dangerously.

Visas are compulsory for most states

Visas are a compulsory requirement to enter Sri Lanka for travelers from all countries except Seychelles, Maldives, and Singapore citizens. The easiest way to acquire a visa is through the online application procedure that needs a certain fee, print the Visa, and then take it to Sri Lanka immigration office to be stamped. The visitors can alternatively purchase the Visa on arrival, although this can add unnecessary time to the entry process.

You have ample opportunities to see wildlife

Having over 100 protected areas and parks, Sri Lanka is a perfect place to see sloth bears, leopards, elephants with their natural environments. Bird watching is also a favorite in several parks. Therefore, there is plenty of chances to see wildlife in Sri Lanka with their natural habitats.

Sri Lanka has a heady mix of attractive landscapes, friendly locals, and British heritage, making a beguiling destination. With an increasing number of travelers returning after spending a few months in Sri Lanka, it's a fantastic place to visit.