Fly Non-Stop From Goa To Moscow At Just ₹4,278 One-Way

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If Moscow has been on your bucket list then it's time to strike it off with Rossiya Airlines' budget offer. The Russian airline is offering non stop flight from Goa (India) to Moscow (Russia) at just ₹4,278 one-way. The 7 hour 35 minutes long flight will take no stops and will directly land at the Moscow airport. 

Prices are inclusive of an estimate of all mandatory taxes and charges.

 Tickets can be booked in the month of October on the given offer. You can book the tickets here

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About Moscow

On the Moskva River in western Russia, Moscow is on of the most popular destinations in Russia owing to its artistry, history and majesty. At the heart of Moscow, the Kremlin and Red Square are the most popular landmarks attracting scores of tourists and locals. When it comes to performing arts, the city is no far behind as you can be thrilled watching a ballerina defy gravity at the Bolshoi Theatre. 

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I'm super duper worried. Has anyone else Booked this? Seems like a scam ! Someone from the Tripoto Team can help? I got this wierd E-mail: 2:10 PM (4 minutes ago) to me View original message Always translate: Russian Dear Customer! You received an electronic cash register receipt confirming payment of the committed. In pdf click on the format for viewing, printing or saving check link . sales slip Limited Liability Company "TREVELAB AGENT" Type: Parish 10/17/2019 11:15 Total: 5211.00 p RNM: 0001064012061856 OP 3887125302 Respectfully, CRF-I team
Thu 10 17 19, 14:16 · Reply (1) · Report
There's no response from the Tripoto Team regarding this?
Thu 10 24 19, 15:03 · Report
Hey Tripoto Team, I've booked this ticket through your link. I got an order number but no electronic ticket. After I made the payment I got a message that says: "This is a charter Flight , Tickets will be sent to the specified E-mail on the eve of the departure" This was through and Clickavia. Read some bad reviews about clickavia which say they send emails one day before the flight saying the flight is cancelled and don't refund the money. I'm very scared now because I've booked hotels and my visa. Please help. If this turns out to be a scam then I will hold Tripoto and this article with this link responsible.
Thu 10 17 19, 13:55 · Reply · Report
why are you telling lie
Mon 03 18 19, 15:01 · Reply · Report
Already sold out!
Mon 10 01 18, 02:14 · Reply · Report