FLYING JEJU AIR WITH SONG JOONG KI | 제주항공으로 제주여행을 가자! | 濟州岛旅行 GOGOGO! EP2

17th Oct 2016

Flying to Jeju, you will need to take the AREX (Airport Railroad Express) to Gimpo Airport (Domestic Airport). We are taking the Jeju Air to Jeju! The airline was endorsed by Song Joong Ki where you can get to see his faces on the Jeju air's counter everywhere! If you were his royal fans, you will probably go crazy because of his charming face. HAHA!

Reaching Jeju, we went exploring the street near Forest Hostel and the Black Pork street is just a stone away! We had our first meal in Jeju with Black pork BBQ. You could see the black pork meat with its black fur on it, the shop owner did not shave it entirely because they want to prove it to you it is 100% black pork!

After the late dinner, we burn our calories by shopping at the CU convenience store. Simply love shopping the convenience store in korea such as CU, 7 eleven & GS25! Their products are definietly more interesting as compared to the convenience store in Singapore. They sell products such as sushi and food packed in lunch boxes which you can consume them either for breakfast or lunch.


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