Found some peace in a chaotic world at ILodge Hotels Gurgaon

12th Nov 2016

So it was my birthday..i clearly knew that i wanted to do something different,not the usual lounge thing where we go everytime when we have birthdays in our group.So now the confusion started what different we should do.The options came out as the following-

Damdama Lake,Air BNB apartment or some kind of resort to have a private party.Then the search started of finding the right place.Staying at Air BNB apartments and Damadama lake were quite expensive.So then we finalised Orana Hotels and Resorts as the reviews were very good.But by the time we tried to book the resort it was showing no rooms available,so the situation of panic came as our plan was going to fail.The next option came of Accord Inn which is a good hotel in Gurgaon and to our surprise it was also full.More panic and stress just before my birthday..The ideal situation.Now comes the girl power into picture.Me and my two friends had a conference call and the search for a good place started.As we were searching we came across ILodge Hotels Gurgaon.We booked it as we were getting good discounts and the place was looking quite decent.In ten minutes we found that place..I was tensed the whole time till we reached there the next day that how the place will be.

Now as we entered the Hotel,it was a behad cute jagah.They had this open aangan that reminded me of the old spacious houses.The colour theme was blue.They had murals on the wall.At the entrance was a cafeteria.It was a very clean about the rooms.It was spacious,very clean and simply made with all the comfort we needed..i was very happy to see all that.In the evening we went to the terrace garden and it was all the more cute with dim lights,plants and a very beautiful view.The party started there at 7.00 pm.As my friends came they were all very impressed with the place.We were talking to each other,singing songs and playing guitar which is not possible in a lounge or club.It was like we were away from the madness of the world.It was just our time and we enjoyed it thoroughly..Then we came to room and had a lot of fun there also..In the morning we again went to the terrace and left at 11.00 am in the morning.The hotel staff was very friendly and it was the cutest bday ever..Please go if you want to spend a peaceful stay in the chaotic world of Delhi/NCR..