Free Thailand Visa On Arrival Full Details


Ones who are following me on Tripoto must have know that in the month of January i have visited Thailand for a week's  time. I have posted some articles and will be posting more. The question i get the most about Thailand trip is about Visa on Arrival. So for once and all i will be answering it.

Visa On Arrival

Visa on arrival means once you reach Thailand airport , you have to apply for the visa at the counter . Mostly you will get the Visa without any hassle, unless you dont have proper documents.  

Documents Required

1. Return flight ticket

2. Hotel booking

3. Valid Passport

4. One photo

6. 10,000 Baht per person or 20,000 baht per family


1. You must have a valid Passport with min 6 month of validity left

2. You need one photo to stick on Visa form , but in case you forget photo you can get photo printed on airport, though it will be a little costly .

3. Mostly people are confused about 10,000 baht per person. Actually they have rule that the traveler must carry min 10,000 baht per person or 20,000 per family to insure the you have enough money to spend on the trip. But in most of the cases they dont ask you to show the cash. But in some cases they can. So i will better suggest to take money with you. One can also carry  dollar .

Free Visa On Arrival

Thailand government is offering free  Visa on arrival on Indians till 30 April 2019. Though keep it mind due to this there will be very rush for the free Visa and it can take 1-2hr to get it. Though you can also pay 200 Baht for priority Visa. The regular price for Thailand Visa is 2000 Baht.

Visa Application From India

If you are applying Visa from India via a agent if will be not free. It will cost you 2000 Baht plus agent fee. The documents needed will be same.