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20th Jun 2015
Photo of Bali for all 1/8 by Mohit Modi
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Photo of Bali for all 8/8 by Mohit Modi

Bali feels like a theme park based on itself. The unique architecture and the strong display of cultural heritage is so entrenched in everything and so consistent that it almost feels unreal. A short drive from the airport lands you into old Bali. Bricked roof and stone carvings are essential part of all village houses. The temples are where it is seen in its full glory; huge stone statues and intricately carved entrances situated at beautiful beach side locations. There is usually a shopping district adjoining the temples with shops selling wooden handicrafts or canvas paintings or cloths. The prices are generally low so even if you don't bargain you wont lose much. (infact please don't bargain too much with people who make and sell handicrafts, some things truly deserve your money)

Like with every popular tourist destination Bali has its quirks too. From touts approaching you with offers of "special massage" to shady money exchange centres to aggressive sellers or taxis ready to take you on a "ride". However if you research well you can find ample places which will have fewer people and are untouched with minimal touristy offerings. It is a small Island and an hours drive in any direction will land you in a different part of Bali with a new beach every time. There are some beautiful little islands around Bali and are a little far from the airport but like with any place, the further you go the better it gets. For best options follow this instagram handle - fascinatingbali

There are water sports (even a water park) , scenic spots for selfies, bars and massage parlours in every corner and enough shopping options to help you with the essential Bali memorabilia. And if you are not into doing things on a holiday, the roads are nice and the traffic is friendly. Like Goa the two essential fluids of survival, petrol and beer, are cheep and you can hire a scooty at reasonable rates for the day.

It is hard to go to Bali and not have a good time. I highly recommend this place for the depressed souls, the loners, the solo travellers. The place and people are warm and welcoming. I however went as a group of seven on a company sponsored trip and these videos capture some of the things we saw/ did there. (first one is a longish teaser so feel free to skip that)

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What is the song in the first video? It's beautiful.
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Photo of Mohit Modi
Mohit Modi
take the beach walk from Kuta to Saminyak, do some window shopping along the way, can try Nusa Dua for scuba diving but the beach is just ok only, if you want scenic beaches go to padang padang or gili islands, Do try Potato heads and Rock Bar, although Rock bar is only good if you manage to go before sunset, Go to Tanha lot and kintamani for some interesting temples, also baisakhi temple is very famous and deservedly so. There is a water park called waterbom in kuta but why would you go there if you are already surrounded by water. just go to the beach and learn surfing. have a safe trip!
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Barsha Mukherjee
Such a disappointing article.. I was expecting suggestions of places to visit
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