Silence at Thateekere

3rd May 2015

So,we started off talking shit storm about people and of course motorcycles like always. My friend received a ping in Whatsapp from his MCA friend of his had posted a pic of Tattekere lake.The pic was outstanding and we were dumbstruck seeing it.Soon,decided to go to that place the approaching weekend. After a lotta fights, debates our esteemed 'folk' agreed to hit the road.

We started off from my friend's place, near Uttarhalli Cafe Coffe Day.Soon in 15 mins reached our first pitstop.Now what's a motorcycle ride without the cold and the smoke?? The Kanakpura road filled with it's vivid greenery was waiting for us.We had stopped opposite to our Ex-Engineering college. With a heart filled with cold vengeance,looked at those gates from where we bunked n roamed like dogs. But,looking back those days were just beautiful with all the fights, all the studies. It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Life made the LHS equal to the RHS.
That's natures rule.

   Photo of Silence at Thateekere 1/3 by RUTHaka350   

So after all the drama the destination,Had to be clocked soon.On the way had a nice tatte idli(idli prepared in the shape of a small plate)breakfast,a strong cup of coffee.As you approach the town of  Harohalli,in Kanakpura Road,around 60 km from Bangalore,  the road to the left leads to a bypass to Jigani. Heading down the road,and after all the twists and turns around 5-6 km from the Main road(Kanakpura Road),You will find the gateway to Tattekere lake. Tattekere being a part of Bandipur National park is a serene lake with a temple situated nearby.From the gateway the off-roading terrain starts.Be careful as people have spotted elephants in this area and we spotted dungs to be frank and froze on our motorcycles.Hoardings can direct you to the lake and it is a bit of slippery terrain so you would have to maintain your bike in a lower gear for more traction.After all this you come face to face with the awesome lake.  

The sight of the blue sky,the green lake bed and the brown earth with a motorcycle made wanna be here forever. With a feisty yet brotherly wolfpack one doesn't feel away when you are at such places.Please do not and do not bring food,and liquor as the forest department can come at any time and kick some serious ass.If you have to reach the lake do it before 9:30 am as the department will fine anybody who stays here after that.We made formations in bikes and took a lotta crazy photos during our time there.The sun finding it's way through the clouds, the early morning dew,the silence of the forest and crystal clear water drives you crazy and is a feast to our eyes.Had a bad day at work?? The next morning ride to the lake spend sometime get some perspective head out.
Photo of Silence at Thateekere 2/3 by RUTHaka350 
We headed out of the lake by 9:30am and rode  back to the Kanakpura road back to home with a million memories.The Kanakpura road is dangerous and please all the bikers maintain your peace and ride patience brothers. While coming back we took a break in the well known IBA for a lemon tea.
Often riding is associated with what you ride on,but frankly my friends it is only about your soul which craves for a ride and if it really does crave nothing else matters. A wolf pack like mine,the frequency of our thoughts and the open roads to fill the empty blanks of our minds with memoirs of brotherhood, laughter and chilling experiences is all I would pray for all the rest of my life. All the biker brothers, travelers, trekkers.Please do go to this place and experience the serenity and peace of nature without harming it.
Keep thumping, ride safe homeboys.
 Photo of Silence at Thateekere 3/3 by RUTHaka350