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Planning a Trip to Amritsar in 1K only/-
Duration: 1 Day
Expenditure 1000

So it all started 3 years back when I planned a trip to explore the beauty of Amritsar.

I was accompanied with one of my friend from South India (Malhar Ashrit) who always wanted to travel to this place, but had a budget constraint.

So was that a big deal, NO.

I booked the tickets in sleeper class coach of Indian railways for 280 bucks from Delhi to Amritsar. Train departed around 7:30 pm from Nizammudin, Delhi and reached Amritsar around 4 30 Am.

There' s always a free bus service available to golden temple from Amritsar railway station. But, you need to stand in a big queue. Since, we wanted to save money, we waited for some 10-15 min for the bus to arrive and got a seat as well. The journey took us around 15 mins to reach Golden Temple (Free of cost service).

The Golden temple provides you accommodation at a cheaper cost, but check-in time for it is 12 noon. We did not wanted to waste any time, took a lodge outside the Golden temple area to fresh-up and keeping the luggage, paid 200 bugs.( You can easily get cheap accommodation in-around the place).

Photos of Amritsar, Punjab, India 1/1 by Ramneek Sahib

We moved for darshan around 11 am and took a lunch there itself (also called as Langar which is served Free of cost). You can't leave the place without having Langar here. Also it is great to see how number of men and women are involved in preparing this food. I sneaked into their kitchen by the way.

12 Noon

We planned to visit Jaliawala Bagh (was at a walking distance from Golden Temple).

Photos of  1/2 by Ramneek Sahib
Photos of  2/2 by Ramneek Sahib

This place takes you back in history of killings of thousands of innocent people. You still can see the imprints of bullets of trees and walls. There are paintings depicting the actual scene of killings.

2 pm

Right oustide the gate of Jaliawala Bagh, you have number of agents selling sharing Auto (3 wheeler) tickets to Wagah border. I bargained and got to-fro tickets for 150 bucks.

The journey to Wagah is a 30km (1 hr) journey, and in meantime you can take a glimpse of the city as well.

Photos of  1/3 by Ramneek Sahib
Photos of  2/3 by Ramneek Sahib
Photos of  3/3 by Ramneek Sahib

There's always a ceremony being performed at Wagah Border around 5 pm to 6 pm. There are no ticket charges. The place is fully charged and full of energy that it brings the patriotism to a peak level. You need to be there to experience it.

After this ceremony, it was time to go back. But how was that possible leaving behind the mouth watering Amritsari lassi, Dal makhani, and Butter chicken. Guys, the place offers you a number of food options at a very cheap cost.

Finally, We had a train around 9 pm, back to Delhi ( sleeper class for 280 bucks) and we reached Delhi on the very next morning.

"To travel is to explore the place, understand its culture and saviour its cusines. For me its a passion".

You can inbox me for any queries. Thanks

1. Train ticket sleeper class Rs 280 /-( each side) = Rs 560/-

2. Lodge (freshing- up and keeping luggage) : Rs 100 each

3. Lunch (Free): Golden Temple

4. Auto ticket to Wagah Border (Negotiated) : Rs 150 (each, to-fro)

5. Dinner : Rs 200 each (App)

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