Fun things to do in Ho Chi Minh - Back of a bike tour 

20th Jun 2019

Fun things to do in HO CHI MINH City | What are the offbeat and non touristy things you can do in Saigon

Hey guys!

This video is all about the fun and off beat things you can do in Ho chi Minh, on a BIKE. We took a bike tour to explore Ho chi Minh. These are the places we covered:

1. State of the burning monk: 3:01

2. Oldest apartment in saigon: 3:58

3. Flower market: 4:33

4. Street market: 5:06

5. Traditional Vietnamese coffee shop: 5:40

6. Oldest temple in Saigon: 7:38

7. My honest feedback about this tour: 9:06

The bike tour was from a company known as Saigon on Bike. The tour costed us about 24 USD and was for about 4 hours. This is a fun way to see Saigon and get a real feel of the city. You can know more about them here:

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