Fun Things to Do in Otago

14th Sep 2017
Photo of Fun Things to Do in Otago by Andy Petit
Photo of Fun Things to Do in Otago 1/1 by Andy Petit

Recently, I’ve started considering going on trip to the South Island of New Zealand. This particular location stood out for me because of the amazing sites it has to offer, starting from the beautiful gardens and parks available, to nature and wildlife found there, which makes New Zealand a place that needs to be on your to-do list to visit if you haven't. What's more, the historic sites that tell a great tale about the place and museums that keep some of the unique historical items are also found on the South Island.

There are many outdoor activities that you can engage in while here. Being an outdoor freak who loves bike racing, the Otago Central Rail trail stood out for me as being unique and appealing.

There are no issues with traffic jams on this track - it’s all off-road. A road trip gives you a chance to view the landscape of the area and the big bright skies. The most interesting part of it all is that the weather does not disappoint. It is always convenient for enjoying these outdoor activities.

Photo of Otago Central Rail Trail, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand by Andy Petit

While at it, I was also able to learn more about the historic gold mining villages that were in existence. When taking New Zealand road trips, you can discover some of the country pubs within the area. The rugged scenery also allows you to try out some great off-trail adventures with your friends. The people here are quite generous, and you’ll get to enjoy the cuisine from the South.

Here is a brief history about the place:

The Otago Central railway was one of the greatest trips by train in the world between the years 1879-1990. You can, however, still enjoy New Zealand road trips as part of a group by travelling from Dunedin to Middlemarch to explore more.

In the 1860s, the provincial Council was serious about boosting economic progress in this area, and this was after the successful gold rushes in the area. This would be made possible by allowing the farmers to transport their produce to the marketplace. The poor roads were, however, a hindrance. This is the major reason why New Zealand road trips are very common; people want to explore the challenges on this trail track. It's all part of the adventure.

Photo of Fun Things to Do in Otago by Andy Petit

In the past times however, it was not all fun and games as the construction workers had to build culverts and tunnels through the rocky gorges so that they could move. Not only was the road network poor but also the economic depression hit the locals harder than they expected coupled with the World War. All these things combined slowed down the progress.

Luckily, with time, road network improved and railway transport here was displaced. The Cromwell-Clyde track, for example, was removed to allow the construction of the Clyde Dam.

The various historical occurrences have had a lot to do with the current state of Otago Central trail in making it the best site for New Zealand road trips. This is a must-visit when you go for a trip to New Zealand for the outdoor activity lovers.

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