Gangtok and Darjeeling with a baby


We traveled from Mumbai to Gangtok via Guwahati in the month of December. It was a long journey indeed.One of the main attractions of Gangtok is Tsogmo lake and Nathula pass. 

Tsogmo lake is about 40 Kim's from Gangtok and is at a height of about 12300 ft above sea level. It is beautiful but  since I was with a baby 11 months old I was not sure whether I should go or no. I googled and googled but got quiet mixed reviews, spoke to my pediatrician who suggested that I should check with the locals. The locals there also had mixed opinions which was very confusing. I took the decision of going my heart was pounding and dint know what was more stressful the cold which was about 3 degrees around a lake or the lack oxygen at that level.The baby acclamatized himself quiet well and also we had covered him quiet well about 6 layers of clothing.It was quiet chilly but I guess proper clothing helped.It was surprising that while coming down my older son about 8 years old had a lot of dizziness. We discovered that many kids and adults also had the same problem.S o more than the oxygen and cold problem it's the elevation of the roads is what hits you. So I guess for babies and kids who don't have too much of motion sickness it's a thumps up.Again proper clothing is important depending on the season!!!

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