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Get A Feel Of Life In The Villages At This Rural Getaway

Treat yourself to a refreshing and soothing getaway to beat those nerve-racking blues and get the much-needed rest. No more do the Mumbaikars need to run after distant places to seek relief from the mayhem of their city life. This small rural resort, not too far from Mumbai will provide the perfect escape you need to catch your breath in this fast-paced world.

Where is it?

Located in the Baramati Taluk of Pune, Palshi is a small hamlet with a population of only about 5,000 people. Palshi is a peaceful place far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Why must you visit?

Palshi is a place moving at its own pace without traffic jams and deadlines to be met. It is the perfect agricultural getaway to explore farming in its traditional form and savour the authentic local Maharashtrian cuisine. You can also enjoy herbal tea and shankarpalis.

The resort in Palshi is part of an initiative called Agri Tourism India, started in 2005. The initiative aims to combine travel with agriculture and rural settings to in turn help rural economy. It was started by Mr. Pandurang Taware who hails from a farming family himself. His main motive behind the initiative apart from helping the economy was to spread awareness about traditional farming methods.

Photos of Palshi, Maharashtra, India 1/2 by Tanishka Goel
Photos of Palshi, Maharashtra, India 2/2 by Tanishka Goel

The place offers a completely rural atmosphere with its lush green farms which spread for as far as you can see. They also have a well which you can take a dip in. The interiors of the resort are praiseworthy. The walls of the resort are painted with rustic patterns while the floors are adorned with brightly coloured rangolis.

Things to do at Palshi

To ensure a complete experience of a life in the villages, the resort offers numerous activities for the tourists to indulge in. The women can explore the local fashion by draping a navvari saree while the men can try their hands at dhotis and pagadis.

Photos of  1/2 by Tanishka Goel
Photos of  2/2 by Tanishka Goel

A tour of the local village encircling the resort is a delight in itself. It allows you a glimpse of the pastoral life in all its glory. Watching the tranquil sunrise and sunsets are a must while you are here. The waving crops against the azure sky make for an awe-inspiring view. The evening brings with it warm bonfires and folk songs and dances in which you must actively participate to make the most of them. Relish the authentic Maharashtrian food cooked in open kitchens, including puran poli, kande pohe and aam ras.

If you are always walled in amidst the concrete jungle, Palshi is your best shot at exploring wide open spaces and breathe in some fresh air. The many domestic animals including buffaloes, cows, rabbits and dogs add to the liveliness to the place. Surrounded by vast farms, the resort allows you to not only learn about traditional methods of farming but also be a part of them. If you want to simply stare at the calming sight of neatly planted, endless rows of bajra and jowar and give your cars a break by riding in the bullock carts and tractors, look no further.

Places to see around Palshi

Photos of Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Supa, Maharashtra, India 1/2 by Tanishka Goel
Photos of Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Supa, Maharashtra, India 2/2 by Tanishka Goel

The famous Supa Mayureshwar Bird Sanctuary is only 12 kilometers from the resort. It is an ideal location for bird-watching and photography. The vast green grasslands attract numerous birds including the Bonelli’s Eagle and Short-toed Snake Eagle. The sanctuary is well-known for its stunning landscapes and virgin beauty. Indian gazelle is one of the most popular animal found here. The best time to visit would be from August to February.

Photos of Phaltan, Maharashtra, India 1/1 by Tanishka Goel

Approximately 35 kilometers from the resort, the renowned city of Phaltan serves as the perfect window to the British architecture and the history of the Nimbalkar dynasty. Take a stroll along the streets of Phaltan to wallow in its glorious past.

Best time to visit

Photos of  1/1 by Tanishka Goel

Although the place is wonderful throughout the year, the monsoons are an absolute delight at Palshi because of the splendid weather. However, head there in the months of January and August to enjoy the Hurda Festival (festival of new harvest) and Patang Jatra (festival of flying kites) respectively.

How to reach

By Road: You will have to drive down to Palshi using the Sillod route as that's the closest town to Palshi with road connectivity. It will take you approximately 7 hours from Mumbai while only 5 hours from Pune.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Mukundwadi Halt, 10 kilometers from Palshi.


There are different plans based on different provisions that the resort offers.

Entry Fees: It includes only herbal tea and farm tour and costs INR 75 per individual.

Day Tour: It includes welcome tea/coffee, lunch, evening tea, snacks and farm tours and costs INR 600 per person.

1 day/1 night: All the meals are included along with a stay at the farm, farm tours, local sightseeing (optional). It costs INR 1400 per person.

2 days/1 night: All the meals are included along with a night stay at the farm, farm tours, local sightseeing and evening entertainment program. It costs INR 1700 per person.

2 nights: It includes all meals along with a night stay at the farm, farm tours, local sightseeing and evening entertainment program. It costs INR 2200 per person.

Contact Mr Pandurang Taware on +919822090005 or drop an e-mail at to book a room in the resort and simply revel amidst the nature.

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