Get rid of your old E-Filing System

14th Dec 2016

There is really a starting of it, not even specifically dated. Started from a singularity, that can claim at least.

There was no space.

No time.

No reports.

In the year of 1961, the IBM has launched the Report Program Generator (RPG), the official release of first electronic reporting system (can be termed as). The bunch of papers began to thrown to the garbage. The works of the middle management level managers were become invalid? In tserms of taking attendance on papers. The desks were become neatly clean and smart to look.

The Electronic Reporting Software System (ERS) was implemented on every nook and corner of the E-filing industry now-a-days. In the year of 1984 the Integrated Data Management System, Inc. (IDMS) has designed software that was very much helpful to the toys and games manufacturing industry. The package was fully customized with the inventory and MRP system. And, alongwith each installation there was the standard accounting modules and optional payroll system which the user can opt for. But from that time there was several queries came to the developers of IDMS, if they could include W-2 and 1099-MISC print module for their own practice. Keeping the requests of the users in mind the IDMS has created a powerful but simple to operate W-2/1009 print utility. Named as Account Ability.

Coming to the other part of a business organization is its’ CIO (Chief Information Officer) who is the key role player in the organization. Rather to say, he or she is the DNA of the entire organization. A CIO is attached to the core mission of the organization where technology is defined as the means to an end. He or she is focusing to the people, process, projects and technology as a holistic system designed to achieve the ultimate goal of the entire organization. May it in terms of revenue or as a part of the staff welfare.

To attain the increasing demand of the CIO and the IT managers of different organization, IDMS has designed their 3-fold mission to accomplish the goal in a win-win situation.

• To provide the small to mid-leveled business organization with a complete low cost software solution that will help them to solve the complicated job related to 1095, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, W-2G, W-2 and W-2C compliance.

• 24 x 7 based help desk for all the users of the software with a zero level of dissatisfaction.

• Become the only income tax software supplies and Tax forms that is most trusted to the entire users.

To become the ultimate solution to the CIO and IT manager Tools, the software system that has been evolved by the IDMS developers are truly helpful and trustworthy in case of any organization those who don’t have the capacity to spent more price to incorporate it.

System requirements are also nominal to run the software which is really added advantage to those small and mid-sized organizations. But while you compiling your all financial data or filling up your E-filing Tax forms, this network-ready software system will help you as your true financial guide. You can get all the Payee/Payer copies can be printed on ordinary papers. Alongwith this you can also E-file your IRS, SSA and State copies or get the paper print on IRS approved Forms available from its Form division. So, without making any delay, just get your own module of ERS and Bulk TIN Matching and Annual Wages Report making software today. We are happy to help you all the time.

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